Christmas dinner isn’t really complete without the turkey, ham, and other delectable main dishes that go along with it, but whilst it’s essential to prepare these entrees carefully, you shouldn’t neglect another important aspect that makes Christmas dinner complete: the side dishes. And when we’re talking about side dishes, Brussels sprouts are already a staple at many a Christmas table. But this finicky vegetable can be a nightmare to prepare, especially for the inexperienced. So how can you prepare the best Brussels sprout side dish ever for Christmas dinner? Here’s how.

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  • Brussels sprouts with sage and chestnuts

Whilst it sounds simple, this dish is packed with flavour and is also quite easy to prepare. You can also prepare it in advance, which is good news for busy cooks out there. To prepare Brussels sprouts with sage and chestnuts, all you need is a kilo of Brussels sprouts (make sure they are trimmed), four tablespoons of fat (preferably goose), a few sprigs of sage (shredded), and a 200-gram pack of chestnuts, peeled and cooked.

To prepare, simply boil a pan filled with water and add the Brussels sprouts. Blanch them for six minutes, then drain. Cool the sprouts in iced water or under the tap. Then, heat up the fat in a pan and then add the sprigs of sage and then the chestnuts. Cook the ingredients for a few minutes, add the Brussels sprouts, and season with salt and pepper. Serve hot.

  • Brussels sprouts with prosciutto

Another great Christmas cooking item and Brussels sprout side dish is Brussels sprouts with prosciutto. For this, all you need is four slices of prosciutto, 750 grams of Brussels sprouts (preferably medium-sized and trimmed), 50 grams of butter, and the zest of one-fourth of a lemon.

To prepare the dish, heat a frying pan and add the prosciutto. Make sure the prosciutto slices are laid down flat so they get evenly crispy and brown. Remove the prosciutto from the pan once it is done, and set aside. Then, you can either boil or steam the Brussels sprouts for about seven to eight minutes until they are tender. Drain the sprouts and put them back in the pan. Add the butter and the lemon zest and season with salt and pepper. Turn the Brussels sprouts until they are coated well. Then tip them into a bowl, tear the prosciutto into strips, and season with some black pepper.

These two recipes are guaranteed to make your Brussels sprout side dish a star at Christmas dinner – even for those who don’t normally like them! And, whilst you’re at it, make your Christmas dinner a truly delightful and memorable affair with games and entertainment such as bingo, with lots of singing, dancing, and storytelling as well. Happy eating and have fun!