One of the most difficult things of having your own employees is finding ways to motivate them and keep them happy. Providing a regular salary, giving them raises and bonuses will provide them with material needs encouraging them to keep up the good work. But it’s not all about the money. Good working conditions, flexible hours and being an understanding boss affects their attitudes towards the company as well as their work.

Appreciation Goes a Long Way

If you see that some of your employees are putting in the extra effort or that they are wholeheartedly trying to do a better job you should show them you awareness of this. By acknowledging their efforts you are encouraging positive behaviour which is then more likely to repeat.  The beauty of this is that all you have to do is tell them that you recognise their efforts.


Consider giving them gifts for a job well done. You could give have a gift basked delivered to their home with a note expressing your gratitude. Though it may seem like an unimportant gift, you are actually allowing them to show to their families and friends that they are good at their job. A promotional condominium will serve them well at work and at home. You could personalise the gifts buy giving concert and opera tickets or tickets to a game for sports fans. Another good idea is to offer them a payed day off after they completed a stressful project.

How To Keep Your Employees Motivated

The Emotional Side

People are not robots they have a need to have their work appreciated and recognised. They strive to find meaning in their personal life as well as their work so showing appreciation when they put in a lot of effort is mandatory for any employer. Many also wish to improve their skills, grow as an individual and learn something new so by acknowledging this basic human desire and fulfilling it their motivation will increase.

How To Keep Your Employees Motivated


You need to learn how to communicate with your employees effectively, be clear and concise when explaining what you expect them to do. Being a good listener is a trait of a good boss. By listening you show respect and recognition which will encourage them to share their ideas of how work could be done more efficiently. So always encourage employee input, maybe even have a suggestion box for those who are too afraid to say it bluntly.  Also, when someone isn’t doing a good job it’s your duty to talk with them. Clearly explain what your expectations are and offer a helping hand, no one want to be thought of as a bad worker and will push themselves to be better.

Growth in Business

Many will strive to take on more responsibility or acquire new skills and as an employer you should recognise this need. You could take the time and teach them something new about the business or present them with new tactic and even point out possible skills they could learn. If you are too busy consider sending them to a seminar or even organising one to satisfy the need.