India’s history of real estate, going back several years, has always been of great interest to a great number of foreign investors. In recent times it has become more and more of interest to these investors.

Despite some bumps in the road, primarily due to the recent financial crises caused by the downturn of economies all across the world, the real estate market in India is now ripe for the plucking, and by that we mean of course, investment. Since the unfortunate global collapse of economies, real estate investors shied away from undertaking any such risks, but they are now being lured back by the promising state of India’s real estate climate. These favorable developments have already been chronicled and validated by well reputed and reliable financial magazines such as the Wall Street Journal.

3 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Real Estate In India

Of course, the state of real estate tends to be somewhat of a rollercoaster ride wherever you go in the world, but there are very good reasons for the attractiveness of real estate in India in particular, and these have the consequent result of promising very lucrative returns on investments in terms of both residential and commercial properties. The four main reasons why investing in real estate in India at this time is a smart investor move are:

India’s Economy is Booming

In what is arguably the most promising aspect of investing in real estate, India’s economy is currently booming. Other huge economies similar to India’s in the developing world continue to struggle as the country continues to see India’s stock market and value of the Rupee rise. In fact, many multinational corporations have announced their plans to expand their operations into India while several more are looking to move not only their major operations, but also their company headquarters to the country. It has even been reported in recent news and in the national newspaper, that the recent months in India’s economy have been at a high and have even managed to match the pace of China’s economic growth. When you add to the mix that quite a few foreign investment rules have been relaxed, the high level of enthusiasm and optimism among investors is more than understandable. Regardless of how long this boom may or may not last, it is clear that for this reason alone, now is a prime period for investing in real estate in India.

The Rise of Technology in India

All over the world, there are industries that serve as key factors to a country’s economic growth and its prospects. These industries always include the tech and IT industries. India has been internationally recognized as being a key player in the technology and IT industries for a significant number of years now and continues to grow in this regard. There are a number of companies of all sizes, from startups to well established multinational organizations, that have based their head of operations and/or headquarters in India’s technology and IT hubs. The country’s government and major political players have passed supporting legislation that has served to facilitate a steady rate of growth in these sectors which has led to specialized industries. The IT industry can now be subdivided into sectors like online commerce, IT service, IT enabled service and software, and tech hardware. Though it may be surprising, real estate is quite firmly tied to these industries as more and more people and corporations look to purchase or rent out properties both residential and commercial. The cost of looking for property is also lowered as the rental agreement format is online in many cases.

Significantly Lower Cost of Living

It may not be the first thing to pop into one’s mind while considering purchasing real estate in another country, but a major attraction in India’s market is the significantly lower cost of living. Since money can be stretched much further in India than in a North American or European country, a large number of investors from these countries have shown interest in purchasing or renting both commercial and residential property in major cities of India.people often search for flats for rent in Noida.  From daily lifestyle, the diversity of products and services available, lower interest rates and favorable exchange rate, it’s safe to say that the cost of living also serves as part of a safety net as a way of slowly withdrawing from the market without suffering too heavy damages.


The author has experience of writing several blogs and articles on real estate domain and she wrote this article to furnish some valuable details regarding the market.