Startup entrepreneurs are excited about starting their business. And one of the biggest problems they face is hiring staff for a department they have little or no knowledge about. Hiring the right person for a job is a difficult task and requires related experience.

Setting up a web development team for your startup can be nerve-wracking. All beginners have to go through this trial-and-error process which will teach you a lot about managing the right people for the right task. In this blog, we’ll discuss some basic tips to keep in mind while hiring a web development team even if you lack the hiring knowledge and expertise.

Work with Logic

Even if you’re an amateur, you would still understand the product you want to build and the technology or skills required to manufacture it. You should also know the strength and weaknesses of the use of the specific technology you will use.

The most common technology used in the making of different projects are iOS, Android, Java, and LAMP. You should have a sound understanding of why you want to use it and should be able to convince your clients too.

Consider References First

Referencing is a good way to hire web developers for higher positions. Ask friends, families, colleagues or people in the industry you know well, to refer the right people to you. This will save you a lot of time and money you would have to spend on the hiring process, plus you wouldn’t have to worry about their skills and abilities. Competent top-level employees will further help you create a strong web development team for your project.

Start Healthy Discussion during Interviews

The way an interviewer speaks to you in an interview, says a lot about their personality, aspirations, the sense of humor and how smart they are. When producing something smart and unique for the customers, you need your development team to be smarter than the rest.

Great product + Great Web Development team= Success

Hire people who are sensible and know how to project their thoughts and ideas in a structured and captivating way.

Conduct Behavioral Interviews to Check Their Reaction to Challenges

To check their ability to work under pressure or in challenging situations ask them behavioral questions. This will help you learn how they would react in a certain situation. Ask them about the toughest challenges they faced in their last job and how they managed to overcome it.

This will help you understand their problem-solving skills and how well they can handle deadlines. It is crucial to know the time period because they can’t take forever to solve problems that might just take a few hours.

Consider Other Things Apart from Programming too

Give your candidates a case study or a practical problem to solve. This will help you identify, how they perceive a problem and solve it. You also get an idea of their technical concepts by applying this strategy during the interview, especially if they are good at imagining each step of production.

When interviewing a mobile app developer, ask them to explain how a popular app works and what technicalities are behind it. This way you understand their ability to execute the product and not just manufacture it.

Hire Doers, Not People who just talk.

Beware of the candidates who talk more and work less. When interviewing multiple individuals on the daily basis keep in mind that a person who flaunts their web developing skills, and can’t stop talking about how good they at their work are simply bluffing and trying to impress you. These people are good at talking but might not be that good at implementing and putting their words into action.  If you want to find out your candidate’s true potential, simply ask them are they a doer or a talker.

Outsource Your Project

Outsourcing is the new kid on the block. You can seek help from an IT firm that specializes in connecting businesses and startups with competent web development teams across the globe. Interestingly, outsourcing the task can lower the cost of setting up a web development team too.