We are living in a time where spontaneously hopping on a plane to a sunny destination has never been easier. More importantly, in this modern age of budget airlines it has never been cheaper too. One drawback though can often be the limitations of your luggage. Flights can be so cheap that paying for any check in luggage can double the cost. While, at the same time, the size of your carry-on suitcase never seems to be quite enough. So here’s a few tips to make sure you don’t have to fork out any extra money on your cheap getaway.

Firstly, let’s start with clothing. A solution for footwear, for both men and women; sliders can be a great way to save on footwear. As they can double up as your slippers, poolside shoes and for any strolls along the beach you might wish to take. Make sure to be wearing whatever your bulkiest pair of shoes are, along with any large coats or jackets you might be taking with you. WIth clothes in general, try and work out what you need on a daily basis. If doing this, it is worth finding out what utilities are available at the place you are staying. If there’s washing facilities then you can plan around washing your clothes halfway through your holiday and halving the space it would take up in your suitcase.

It’s also important to make sure you get the right bag for the job. There’s a few things to consider when doing this. Firstly, find out the specific baggage requirements for whichever airline you are travelling with, you will often find there are specific bags that are designed around these requirements, to make sure you are getting as much as space to pack in as possible. It might also be the case though that a suitcase (which is often the best way to get the most space out of carry-on luggage) might not be practical for where you are going, and/or what you are planning to do on holiday. So you can either purchase a day pack, or something similar to put in your suitcase. You will have to factor the extra room this will take up. Or instead, get a bag that might not be the exact baggage requirements, but will double up as a bag that can be used where you’re off exploring or sightseeing.