Gaining followers on Instagram is one of the obsessions of many users and companies that have profile in this social network. Something normal, if we analyze the strong growth that Instagram is having. The figures prove it, given that the latest data show that Instagram has already reached 600 million users, ranking as the second most used social network in Spain in 2016, surpassing Twitter. And the pace does not stop. But also, with the new updates of the application, the videos, the live videos, the “Stories” … the entire ecosystem of Instagram has only increased and stand out as one of the social networks that have to talk the most in this 2017.

But how do we get quality Instagram followers and build a community around our brand? And how to get more followers on Instagram?

If you are one of those users who loves photography, you will already have an account created in one of the main websites focused on snapshots. If there is one that stands out above all the others, this is Instagram.

With more than 600 million users and a frenzied growth, Instagram has become the social network of the image par excellence. Its simplicity mixed with its visual power make it a really attractive network to have a good time sliding your timeline, without forgetting that it is one of the social networks with more engagement of today. But of course, as in any good social network that boasts, you can’t enjoy 100% of it without having an active community, for this reason in today’s post I would like to explain in a few simple steps to gain followers on Instagram.

How To Gain Followers On Instagram Through The Fast Track

I’m going to show you how to fine-tune our account and not fall for most of the most common mistakes that can be made that often prevent us from generating a powerful community. The objective of this post is to develop an effective mini strategy by steps, to be able to gain followers in Instagram of quality without much effort and in a relatively fast way, and when I speak of quality is, followers really interested in your visual theme.

Optimize our profile

This is the base stone not only of Instagram, but of any social network. Without a properly completed and complete profile we are destined with a high probability of failure, and this we do not want. Before starting any action we must have a sufficiently attractive profile to attract the attention of our possible follower.

First, you must put a profile picture that defines you perfectly, clearly and with good framing. If the profile picture is no longer good in the case of a visual social network, what confidence do we give to our possible follower?

It is important to put a brief description that explains who you are or what you do. In many cases it is also convenient to put the subject you treat in your account. Help yourself to the emoticons to create a very attractive description, on Instagram the emoticons and the #hashtags you will see that they are the kings of the party.

Do not forget to link to your website because Instagram gives you the possibility to put a link that directs to where you want. Even if you do not have a blog or web, take advantage of the address of another network such as Facebook or Twitter. In this way we facilitate the ability to cross followers between different networks and gain new followers in them.