As the demand of products is increasing, the importance of transportation is also increasing.  Logistics means to transport the goods from one place to another and at the same time have to ensure that the products are intact without any damages.

International Flower Delivery - Are There Any Special Regulations You Should Know About

Damages during Transit

Damages are quite common while in transit, but in the transport business, it shows the inefficiency of the carriage operator who is unable to take care of the issue even though he was aware of it.  Unavoidable damage is an exception. With the context of international flower delivery, just imagine what is cared to be taken by the person in charge of transport.  Flower being a perishable good, special care has to be taken.

Perishable goods are those goods which have 100% quality determination due to climatic conditions.  The chemical and physiological features of perishable goods make their lifespan very short. The factors like time, isolation, and holding temperature are to be considered to avoid damages of perishable goods.

Flowers – Perfect for Decorations and Gifts

Flowers and its beauty is the most mesmerizing item which cannot be avoided by anyone.  Flowers are not only meant for decorations or gift ideas; people use if for various medical therapies, manufacture of different fragrances and in some cases even in the manufacture of medicines or cosmetics.  May be this is the reason why the concept of international flower delivery is increasing. Day by day the demand of quality flowers is increasing.

Formalities differ from Country to Country

The formalities required may vary from country to country and will be discussed in later sessions.  But the first regulation to be followed in any international flower delivery is that the flowers have to be stored in a refrigerated container which controls the climate. International flower delivery once again refers to the exporting of flowers and transportation in this matter plays an important role. The logistics in charge has to make a sheet showing what is the temperature to be maintained for storing flowers in a refrigerated container and accordingly necessary steps have to be taken.

Transportation of Flowers by Air Transport

Air transport is the fastest way of transporting flowers. Here there is a chance of temperature being controlled using refrigerated chambers and freezers. The airport is so designed that the areas where refrigerated chambers and freezers are kept have customs inspection points that are guarded at all times by a highly-qualified and specialized team of people who ensure that the goods are kept at the optimal temperature.

Transportation of Flowers by Ocean

Goods are transported in ships which are refrigerated and are fully equipped with systems to circulate air properly. The refrigerated containers can also be made use of.

Transportation of Flowers by Ground

If the transport is done by trucks, then transporting flowers should have different cold systems, which may or may not be mechanized.  The use of ice or dry ice can be done to sort the problem.  If it is done by rail, the train bogies must have an isolating lining, exclusive system for refrigeration, loading, and unloading.