Historically, Paris has been a vanguard for art, fashion, culture, and design. So it makes sense that when choosing from potential stand builders in Paris is a daunting task when there are over 1,200 of them. The significance of the city’s status as a vanguard in art, architecture, and now tech translates presently to the production of very high caliber stands.

In spite of this, finding suitable stand contractors can be an overwhelming task when there are 1,200 of them in Paris alone. The most reputable one might be uncommunicative. The cheapest one might unveil something that borders on embarrassing. A choice somewhere in between these two extremes could yield something almost as detrimental: a mediocre stand; one that is instantly forgettable. The challenge of finding a stands contractor available at the right time is also difficult, since so many companies going to the city for a trade at once are going to be impacting the availability of the most prominent stands contractors in the early stages of preparation.

The ethos of Paris lends its self to bolder and more extravagant, if not risky, stand designs. Some of the stands that have made headlines had so many hanging white lights that it looked like an expensive nightclub the size of a tiki bar. Again, these qualities could be good or bad, depending on how they fit with the message on the stands, and that disconnect is a result of scanty interactions with contractors or an over-the-top idea company idea for the stand.

Either way, it will prove to be much easier and much less time consuming to find a consultant who will recommend you the best stand contractors for your particular project. Especially if you do not know the area well, but even if you do, some companies will offer consulting and recruitment services based on everything the client requests.

Get a quote

Some sites offer vast sources of information on the stand contractors, the business the tend to attract, pictures of their former stands, and means to contact them. However, parsing through 500 individual contractors may not be feasible for a particularly busy company. Instead some of these sites offer consultations and quotes, and in describing in your requests for an ideal stand, you are returned with a list of a few companies their knowledge base has suggested for you.

Communicate with contractors

And give them ample time to figure out if what you are asking is possible, they may be thinking of ways! There should at least be 2 additional follow-ups after the contractor was first recommended. Ideally, a staff member of your company checks out the production process and ensures everything being done was how it was envisioned from within the company.

Research previous trade shows and compare

No matter how novel your company may be, there is a company that produces a similar product, albeit maybe not a competitor- a peer. One way to learn about suitable stand constructions is to benefit from their past experiences, taking from them the parts that relate to yours and seeing what worked well – and what didn’t work well – and why.

On Trade Show Day, Make Minor Adjustments as Needed

Don’t be afraid to change the idea on the day of the trade show, as long as it doesn’t fall outside of your available resources. Most stand contractors depend on satisfactory reviews from clients in order to get long-term business, so most would be happy to make last-minute changes to the stand. By this point, you’ve been enough thought and effort into the construction and hiring process of stand contractors that at the very least you cannot regret not having done enough, and you can learn from you experience and avoid the less successful aspects on the next trade show. In Paris, these will never suffer a drought too long.