Bodybuilding and health supplements are two sides of the same coin. Probably, in simpler terms, these two aspects compensate for each other’s pitfalls or shortcomings. The fact is that your diet is never sufficiently replete with necessary vitamins and proteins for some obvious reasons, such as GMO products in market, unavailability of clean protein sources, treated meat, and so on. In a nutshell, you might think you are eating a wholesome diet but sadly you are not and at one point of life, you would definitely consider some or the other supplements. However, this particular segment of market is excessively flooded with products with promising features and assuredly no results. Here are few tips (backed by research and experts’ recommended) for you to choosing a better supplement for your mass building needs:

How To Choose A Best Health Supplement For Muscle Building

Watch Your Body

Not all supplements will transform your body. Every single health drink or blend in market is formulated to cater a unique requirement and you cannot consider one particular thing for your body. The first step to buying an apt supplement is to understand your own body and the diet that you consume. Typically, in order to gain lean mass and shed fat at the same time, you need to consume enough proteins and less cholesterol. The daily recommended protein dose a bodybuilding enthusiasts should intake is 2.2 g/kg of body weight (gender dependent data) Reach out to a supplement that is rich in clean protein sources like Whey Protein and contains trace or no amount of fat and ash. Brands like Optimum Nutrition and MuscleTech make some of the most sought after supplements and health capsules.

How To Choose A Best Health Supplement For Muscle Building

BCAAs Content

BCAAs or Branched Chain Amino Acids are the building blocks of your body. A muscle building supplement would mean nothing if it lacks essential amino acids. These acids aids in proper nutrient, preferably proteins, absorption, and muscle recovery post a strenuous training sessions. Not ingesting enough amino acids would leave you exhausted and your body would simply reject any sort of grind or gym pressures. Supplements with BCAAs would give your cellular structure the much-needed energy, reduce muscle fatigue, and prevents loss of other important nutrients off your muscles. Imagine the importance of BCAAs. In order to fulfil your bodybuilding needs, you need 42 mg/kg body weight/day of Leucine, 19 mg/kg body weight/day of Isoleucine and 4 mg/kg body weight/day of Valine.

Understand Your Intolerances

Many of you would start to twitch your nose a little but lactose and gluten intolerances do exist in some of the hard gainers. Lactose intolerance or Gluten problems can lead to medical issues like acne, bloating, improper nutrient absorption, Leaky Gut Syndrome, and headaches. It is advisable that before you pounce upon a supplement; get yourself checked for these issues. Get your blood test done or watch out for any unbearable repercussions post dairy or gluten based meals. Wheat is one of the grains that could cause Gut issues. Nowadays companies are making use of Whey Protein Isolates that lactose intolerant people find less problematic. However, read the description on the jar for any warning signs before purchasing. Supplements with soy and eggs are also available as well.

Note: No research has fully proved the effects Whey Proteins could possibly have on lactose intolerant bodies. However, isolates do less harm than concentrates.

Fat Shedding

No doubt, you need a supplement that would help grow muscles and not flab on your tummy. Fat loss is a big thing these days and you would never want a potbelly sabotaging your chiselled physique in any way. This is an important aspect to look out for in your supplement. Ingredients, such as Caffeine Anhydrous, L-Tyrosine, Alpha Lipolic Acid (ALA), Vitamin B and Acetyle-L-Carnitine together work wonders for your body. Many companies use some naturally derived ingredients, such as Green Tea, Green Coffee Bean extracts, and 7-Keto. Labels like Fat Burners or Thermogenics would describe your choice of supplement for weight loss and subsequent muscle gains. A ripped body would have just the right proportion of fat and rest muscles. With these data in hand, you could find an excellent health blend for your bodybuilding plan.

The Bottom Line

You must read the labels carefully because then you would be able to choose the best thing for your body. A supplement should burn fat and foster muscle gains. Aforementioned details would help you find a better brand and ingredients that would take you to your workout goals and the beautiful end of it. Both online and offline stores are not available at your porch.

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