There’s nothing better than the time of year when the snow melts and the sun finally begins to shine again. Springtime is when we say goodbye to cloudy days and freezing temperatures. For many of us, winter is spent wearing tons of layers that aren’t necessarily all that fashionable. Spring is the perfect time to step out of our fashion ruts and experiment with some fun new styles.

If you want to take advantage of the warm weather by putting some pep into your personal style, then follow these tips on how you can brighten up your style from head to toe for spring.

Change Up Your Hair

Spring is the perfect time to experiment with a new hairstyle. If you haven’t had a haircut all winter, consider cutting off a few inches or getting bangs. A new haircut really helps you to feel reenergized and reinvigorated. If you’re shy about chopping your locks, then consider mixing things up with a lighter color. Brunettes can get some warm highlights, while blondes can consider going up a shade for a brighter look.

You can also mix up your style by investing in some new heat styling tools. Flat irons and curling irons should be tossed every few years as styling product accumulates on the plates over time. New heat styling tools will help you to achieve those gorgeous springtime hair looks, such as loose flowing waves or romantic up-dos.

Step Up Your Beauty Game

Winter is all about heavy duty moisturizers to help us combat the effects of the cold, dry air. Spring is all about gentler products, like gel moisturizers and light hydrating body oils. Invest in some new beauty products that will hydrate your skin without being unnecessarily heavy.

If you really want to get glowing, consider using lotions that have a bit of self-tanner in them. These lotions help to give your skin a glow without looking too over-the-top or fake. They’re a much better option than actual sunbathing, which can lead to wrinkles or even skin diseases.

Spring is also the perfect time to swap out your fragrance. Gourmands and orientals are popular during the winter, but they’re way too heavy for spring and summer. Instead, look for fruity florals that are reminiscent of a warm spring day. You don’t have to break the bank while shopping for fragrance. Shop at discount perfume retailers to pick up a new scent without spending a fortune.

Add Some Excitement To Your Style

There’s no greater feeling than putting your heavy coats and sweaters into storage. As the weather heats up, the clothes become smaller and lighter. The beginning of spring is the perfect time to clean out your closet. If you haven’t worn a certain piece in more than six months, donate it to charity and make room for some new items in your wardrobe.

When it comes to shopping for spring, it’s all about light dresses with fun prints. These sundresses can transition from spring to summer beautifully depending on how you accessorize them. For spring, pair these light dresses with a denim jacket and a pair of chunky leather boots. In summer, you can wear them alone with a pair of sandals.

When it comes to casual wear, leggings are perfect for spring. They’re light enough for the warm weather but cover your skin enough for the evenings when temperatures can drop. Pair leggings with camisoles and silk blouses for a perfect springtime look.

Swap Out Your Jewelry

Winter is all about rhinestones and sparkly items, but spring is the season where gems and earth stones reign supreme. Turquoise and amethyst are a perfect choice for spring jewelry. Look for chunky pieces that make a statement against neutral tops and dresses. Silver accessories are also a gorgeous option for springtime and pairs beautifully with just about any outfit.

The best way to leap into spring is by doing an overhaul on your personal style. Let go of the items you’re no longer wearing to make room for some fun new pieces. Whether it’s a new haircut or a new sundress, you’ll feel a lot more excited about the new season if you switch up your look.