Sulfates are a kind of dry detergent, which is a very good cleaner.  They are very good in cleansing and when it is included in a shampoo it cleans the hair and scalp very deeply cutting out all the dirt and sticky oils. The sodium and aluminum sulfates present in a shampoo helps to clean the scalp thoroughly. But there are many negative effects that can happen to one’s hair and scalp if they use shampoos which havesulfates in it. That is why sulfate free shampoos are storming over the market. There are some basic negative effects that sulfates can cause to hair strands.

It dries the hair and scalp. The sulfates present in a shampoo dissolves all the natural oils present in the hair and leaves the scalp dryer than the usual one. This is a leading factor that dandruff and eczema start developing on the scalp. This gives irritation in the scalp and makes it feel very tight and itchy. The presence of sulfate in a shampoo also leads to fading the hair color if the hair is dyed and it leaves the hair faded and makes it dull looking. The other disadvantage of using a sulfate prone shampoo is it triggers a lot of hair fall. It loosens the hair follicles, which lead to loss of hair, and if it is not rinsed properly when washing, then it can lead to a huge loss of hair.

Now, to get rid of all these negativities, one may choose using sulfate free shampoos. Now the question is what exactly are they? They are those shampoos, which are devoid of sulfates and other chemicals like lauryl and sulphocetate. These shampoos are not thick, and they do not quicken up to form a rich lather as they do not have the detergent things in them. That is why it is needed in large amount when used to wash and clean the hair and scalp.

Why one should go for a chemical free formula for their hair?

It is easy to judge what shampoo to use. The shampoos which have chemicals and sulfates can easily clean the scalp removing all the dirt and natural oils as well leaving them dry and oil free. As they wash very deep, it may leave the hair extra dry, which, in turn, can turn the hair frizzy and brittle. Those who have a very oily scalp can use these kinds of shampoos. On the other hand, people having less oily scalp should definitely opt for the sulfate free shampoos as they are mild and gentle and retain the natural oils in hair. If one has colored or dyed hair, they should also go for shampoos which are gentle and chemical free.

The choice completely depends on an individual’s hair type. Super dry hair needs gentle shampoos and oily hair needs the otherwise. Sulfate free shampoos are very gentle and mild to use, and they are also a bit expensive. But it helps in retaining the good quality of hair.