Black Friday Remains Popular in the UK

Sales signs always entice customers to spend more cash, and this year UK consumers are expected to splash out in excess of £2,000 each in the pre-Christmas rush. That’s according to research carried out by Adobe.

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Black Friday is one of the most popular shopping days of the year, and bargains galore pull in the crowds. It has its roots in the USA, occurring after Thanksgiving when people are in a full pre-Christmas shopping frenzy.

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With many British retailers participating, emails offering generous discounts are sent out just before the sales begin to whet appetites. Amazon is often seen as the instigator of Black Friday, introducing the retail bonanza to the UK around eight years ago. Cyber Monday is the Monday following Black Friday, when stores slash prices, and people congregate online to take advantage of the best deals around.

Black Friday encourages people to buy Christmas presents and essentials in late November. December sales are not as widespread, since it’s been revealed that most shoppers like to be prepared, and they therefore snap up bargains sooner rather than later.

Internet Sales Are Increasing Due to Demand

And with internet sales increasing, special offers are no longer limited to shop opening hours. At the touch of a button, goods can be bought swiftly and effortlessly. Last November, UK consumers spent over £1.6bn online every week.

With transactions via the internet soaring, there is a fear that online events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday may negatively impact the already struggling town centres and high streets.

According to the Financial Times, Americans spent record sums on Black Friday online deals in 2018, but fewer went shopping in stores, according to figures.

The rise of online shopping means that there is more demand on postal services. A courier service such as a same day courier Birmingham offers guaranteed safe delivery of important parcels. Organising collections and deliveries throughout the UK, can save you time and money.

While many shoppers wait until the end of November to buy gifts online, others will visit their town centres and high streets to search for potential bargains. Those companies which don’t participate in the biggest retail weekend of the year say they offer generous discounts all year round.