Are you an aspiring wedding videographer who has just received his first assignment? You must be very excited and very tensed too. Well, don’t worry – just remember to look things from the couple’s perspective and try to give your best possible shot. The video that you will shoot is going to be their one of the most prized keepsakes. So, you have to make the whole thing really beautiful, heartwarming and something to cherish forever. Here are some expert tips for creating the most unforgettable wedding videos.

Communication is important

The wedding video is primarily about the bride & the groom. So, you must maintain a clear channel of communication with them to gather a fair idea on what exactly they want.  They may have some special moments that they wish to zero on in the video. The inputs will also help you to weave the perfect story that you wish to portray through the video.

You should also talk to the manager of the reception venue to stay updated about their specific rules & regulations regarding the shooting, if any. It would be ideal to take an extensive tour of the venue to get an idea of the right angles and shooting spots beforehand.

Besides, make sure to talk to the event coordinator and his/her hands. You may need their help in certain areas. Thus, it’s better to create a rapport beforehand.

Follow the photographer

Since it’s your first assignment, you may need guidance on capturing the most precious moments of the event. So, it’s better to follow the photographer because he is also on the lookout of the best moments. You can have a discussion with him beforehand about the best positions and the perfect angles.

Slow motion recording

A wedding is all about heartwarming moments and cozy memories. Thus, it will be better to capture the event in soft slow motion as much as possible to express that lovely mellowed feel of the occasion at its best.

Get several audio backups

A perfect wedding video is not just about framing the beautiful shots – it’s also about capturing the lovely words and sound that complete the occasion. The video will never be complete without the scene of the couple exchanging their vows or the song of the couple’s first dance. There will be no re-takes of such once-in-a-lifetime moments. So, make sure to be ever-ready with various audio sources to ensure you don’t miss out on those precious clips. It’s better to have some assistants around. A wedding video needs at least 2 videographers. One will take shot from bride’s side and another from that of the groom’s.

Convert the video

You should also convert the video in a widely popular format. The couple would love to share clips of the video to their friends and family. If the original format of the video is not compatible with multiple browsing devices, they won’t be able to open it. Thus, invest in a good video converter for Mac and convert your video in a popular format. You can go for Movavi Video Converter for Mac here. The cutting-edge program assures lightning-fast speed and that too without loss of video quality.