Car rental remains one of the most popular means of traveling in Dubai. There are many car rental companies offering their services to both locals and international travelers thus making it easier to move from one point to the other without any restrictions. The biggest advantage of using car rental services is that it helps you avoid the hassles associated with car buying and ownership especially when it comes to service and maintenance.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent An Economy And Luxury Car For A Day In Dubai?

Once you rent an economy or luxury car, the supplier is fully responsible for service and maintenance and what you pay normally accounts for such costs but indirectly. You therefore don’t have to stress with maintenance and servicing of a personal car but you still enjoy the convenience of driving own car cost effectively. You can always enjoy cheap rental cars in Dubai by first of all comparing prices prior to the booking. offers you reliable car rental comparison tools to help you choose the most appropriate economy or luxury car and decide the one that best works for you.

With that in mind, it is important to note that the cost of renting a car in Dubai is determined by numerous factors. For example, the cost of renting luxury car will be determined by the specific model you choose. Renting a luxury Jaguar XF costs $ 162.81 per day while an Audi Q5 in the same category will go for $ 130.68. The number of rental days will also determine the overall cost when dealing with different brands of rental cars. It is also important to note that the cost of renting a car in Dubai is dependent on the supplier you are dealing with.

This therefore makes it important to compare the car rental prices using a reliable comparison tool such as This helps you sort out the different results using different parameters such as the highest or lowest rating or pricing. On the other hand, economy cars are much cheaper and more affordable. You can rent an economy car for as little as $ 19 per day. Comparing prices through returns real-time results online thus helping you to make the right decision and book online.

Renting a luxury or economy car in Dubai can end up being cheaper or expensive depending on your approach. Always compare the services and prices, check the fuel policies and other terms before making your booking.