Life has changed a lot in the past few decades and one might wonder how the brain is affected by all these changes. Some of these changes are for sure positive, but are they all in the same bucket? The human brain has the ability to transform itself to adjust to certain situations. Our brains does not have a timeline attached to it, but it does change. There are some things we are dealing with now that our parents did not have to.

You can find someone working on a scientists biography and ask them to help with this process. If you are interested in how this process works, you will find it right here. We are constantly on our mobile phones and bombarded with loads of information without much effort. Let’s bring it to our health. Cancer and heart conditions are on the rise and we have to make an effort to see if there is a connection.

If you take a look at older people, you will notice that they still do things the organic way. The lessons learned from decades ago still play an important role today. We are so focused on advancing with the times that one has to consider the repercussions. Life is fast and advanced and you can find anything you want at the drop of a hat. Is that a good or a bad thing? Let’s look at it.


If you take a closer look at our diets right now, it is loaded with so much of processed foods and sugar. These foods can easily kill our brain cells because it is not natural. As a society we have become so custom to quick solutions when it comes to food. Our healthy food options are becoming more expensive than the quick foods we can grab on the go. It is important to realise that what comes from the earth the earth is natural and everything else is not. If you look at the biography of a scientist, you will probably find some health tips in there because of the studies done.


We watch so much on television that the whole notion is becoming ridiculous. There are so many new and exciting series and movies coming out and we are peer pressured into watching it. No one wants to be the odd one out and miss out on good conversation with peers. With that being said, you also do not want to miss out on life experiences and sometimes you can be so consumed in television that you miss out on life. The downside of this is that this activity is not active at all. We were not designed to sit down on a couch the whole day. It does not challenge the brain at all.

Less sleep

With the fast pace life we are living right now, people are not sleeping enough. We need a certain amount of hours to sleep every night and if those hours are not met, it can have so many effects on the body and brain. The brain is known to repair itself during sleep, so if you do not get enough sleep, your brain does not have the time to flush out all the toxins of the day that passed. If you are doing a brief bio scientist profile, it might seem like a bigger task than it should be. Basic, everyday activities might also become challenging when it should be easy to take on. Our bodies cannot function without a good night’s rest.

Fiction vs Reality

Everything that happens online is not always the truth, but it is difficult for us to make those distinguishes. If someone posts something on social media, it is easy to believe that scenario to be reality. Sometimes people take a long time to even come up with the pictures and the story behind it. Most things online is not real, but it takes a toll on our mental state. We start questioning our own lives and our levels of happiness. This can cause mild levels of depression and anxiety. You might be single and see other individuals having the best relationship you’ve seen since your favourite movie aired. We need to understand that these images are not reality. In fact, they are perfectly constructed scenes.


Do not believe everything you see online or on television because most of the time it is not true. Companies have been using these strategies to increase their sales for a long time and now we see it all over the advertisements on social media. You want to focus on the life that you have and not be fixated on what seems to be perfect. Think about a lifetime when we did not have these perfect images. Life was good then also and we can adjust our brains to accept what is real and what is not.