Humans and all other living beings have a tendency to be really protective towards their near and dear ones. Parents and elders tend to know where the kids are going and at what time will they get back home. This is not because they want to control children’s life but because they want to make sure that they are informed and the kids are safe wherever they go.

Humans are blessed with various gadgets and features that have helped them in keeping a track of things with ease. Firstly, the cellular phones hit the market which made it easy to communicate with people even when they are not at home near the wired landlines. People could call or text outside the home and hence being informed became an easy thing to do.

Google Street View- A Saviour

Next the smart phones were introduces that came along with the GPS tracking feature. This allowed people to keep tracking a person through the GPS location and there was no need to call or text the person to know where the person is. GPS tracking also brought in an amazing feature that helped people worldwide. The my map app made it simple to look around the world in just some clicks on the small screen of a smart phone with the android operating system.

One just needed to tap and open the app and get going with the searching procedure. This app served for various things such as finding directions, locating a destination, looking for the distance and time taken to reach the spot, and one could also share location with the instant messaging apps and let others know where exactly a person is at the moment. It also helped people in driving on unknown roads with the feeling of safety and knowledge as a person could see what is coming up next on the way.

One could make sure that there is a gas station on the way as the location of the gas stations is market on the maps. Similarly one could locate food joints, clinics and pharmacies when needed. The next huge feature of this app is the Google Map street view that allows people to see the real world on a virtual screen. It brings the live scenario of a road to the phone screen and things become even clearer when one can locate the buildings and streets and even the signs that might be helpful.

This has also been a blessing for various businesses as it invites more and more consumers as they can see the offers and various banners provided by the businesses. Shops and restaurants put banners when the festive season is on. There are discounts and offers going on. Google map street view helps people in seeing all these banners on the phone screen itself and hence the advertisement is taken to the next level with this extra ordinary feature. One can also look at the roads and see what the traffic jam is all about so that one can take the other route to avoid the traffic.