Human Chronic Gonadotropin is abbreviated as HCG. This is a hormone which helps in the development of eggs in a woman’s ovary. This is used as an injection in order to treat infertility and increase the sperm count. HCG is legal to be used for curing infertility. However, it is not legally approved to intake HCG for weight loss. It is also strongly suggested that overdose should not be taken as it leads to potential side effects. Obesity is becoming an increasing problem these days. This is because of the work culture and the stressed environment. Lack of physical exercise is also an important reason for overweight.

How HCG Drops Helps In Reducing Weight?

HCG for Quick Weight Loss

People consider quick weight loss as something which is impossible. However, with the help of HCG, it is being said that quick weight loss is possible. HCG is available in terms of drops, injections. There is something called as HCG drops diet which should be followed for losing weight. These HCG drops can be taken orally which is considered as the easiest method by many. This type of drop can be used by both men and women. One main advantage in following the HCG diet is that it doesn’t compel people with exercise and starvation. Instead by following some of the ‘do’s of the HCG drop diet, the weight can be reduced considerably in shorter span of time.

Benefits of HCG Drops

Here are some of the benefits of HCG drops when it is used as a medicine for treating obesity.

Lose Weight

This should be the ultimate aim for the people who are reading this. HCG is an effective treatment for reducing the weight effectively. Though it is primarily used for curing infertility, nowadays, many of the obesity sufferers prefer HCG.

Energy and Motivation

Apart from HCG drops being used for infertility and weight loss, it also acts as an energizer. This is a very important factor for body builders as energy plays a major role in body building. Due to its chemical ingredient present, it also acts as a motivator.

Increased Confidence

By using HCG drops in an effective manner, it helps in gaining confidence. Weight loss makes a person feel inferior and shy towards the outside world. By using HCG drops, it helps in treating the weight loss effectively and by reducing the weight, confidence can be increased.

About HCG Drops Diet

The HCG drops diet limits a person’s intake of food to just 500 calories a day. This may be difficult for some people to follow. Due to this less calorie intake, a person gets a low amount of calories in the form of food. Bread, fruits and vegetables have to be consumed daily until the diet plan gets over. Starches are limited as it contains more sugar when comparing meat and some vegetables. Much like any other diet, the HCG diet also restricts the intake of oil, fats and sugars. Though there are some cons like expensive rate and side effects, many people still prefer to go for HCG due to its proven weight loss.