Your identity is largely defined by where you come from. Knowing your past can help you resolve many things.  A few decades ago if anybody wanted to see their family history, there was no way of doing it because of the long process. One had to be prepared to spend lots of time which sometimes could end up in months to know more about their family history. The process involved going through a big pile of dusty registers and reels of microfilms in an archive.

Now all of this knowledge is at your fingertips with help of – the best family tree chart maker in the world.  All you need to do is log on to the website and follow instruction. It’s easy as a breeze.

Family-Tree – the best family tree chart maker gives you plenty of options and features to search your family roots.

  1. Charts and people
  2. Privacy & Security
  3. Genealogy Maps
  4. Birthday and Event Calendar
  5. Family Newsletters

Let’s have a detailed look at how this works

The website consists of interactive pages that are generated automatically. The pages consist of genealogy charts, photo albums, relationship diagrams etc. and are automatically displayed whenever someone clicks on any photo or name on your website.

The process starts with a simple signup, all you need to do is add names and photos. Even for people who have already created elsewhere can import the GEDCOM file and use it.

Your complete charts including your ancestors, family, and descendants are created from the information uploaded by you. Each chat provided by Tribal Pages contains several generations and their pictures.

If you want to see your family history and drive some conclusions from studying it, you need to create family history maps. These maps show the births and deaths of the members of your family tree into charts. Their locations are automatically posted on the map. – the best family tree chart maker, also offers Adobe Acrobat PDF Files for Ancestor, Descendant, and Fan Charts. PDFs are high resolutions, print quality files which can be used to print poster size charts.

There is also an option present to add photos to your family tree. You can create charts with family pictures. Upload photos or have your family send pictures to your website using email. Create custom photo slide shows.

You can also find out about your relationships. You can now find the history of your roots and the places from where your ancestors had com. This tool calculates relationships between any two names and displays graphical charts.

A family tree chart can really help you find out about your past as you can directly see your origins through various generations. You can see where your ancestors have lived and what kind of work they have done. This gives you a very clear idea of who you are as a person and from the background.

So, what are you waiting for, sign up on and know more about your roots.