The marriage proposal is one of the most important moments for both people. The ring is of extreme importance. It symbolizes the bond you have with the partner. Therefore, it is not desirable to wear a cheap, ugly or impersonal model. On the other hand, a ring is a huge investment and you do not want to lose a fortune if you are short on cash. By researching the right options and conducting a price comparative study, you can make the right choice for the lowest price. Examine the materials, the model, the available budget, the different gemstones and the sales possibilities.

How Do You Find The Best Wedding and Engagement Rings

Difference between wedding rings and engagement rings

Some people do not know what the difference is between an engagement ring and a wedding ring. When you ask someone to marry, you offer them an engagement ring, which is often very striking and the fiancée carries this to the wedding. During the wedding, both lucky ones also get a wedding ring. This is often a simpler gold or titanium band that is sometimes soldered to the engagement ring.


An unofficial traditional rule is that the man pays two monthly salaries to the ring. Here you can of course be deviated from, but it is not very nice to buy a very cheap ring. After all, it is symbolic of marriage and, if all goes well, both people will wear the ring all their lives. It is therefore also logical that the price of the ring corresponds to the money you earn each month. If you’re a bride, it become sometimes difficult to buy a diamond ring for men above your budget, especially if there are debts or other money problems. It would be quite embarrassing if the ring were to be sold again.


The material is very important and personal. Make sure that you know what materials the other finds or finds the most beautiful. For example, if the woman only wears silver, it would be a mistake to buy a gold ring. Titanium is a somewhat more expensive but also more sustainable solution, especially when both partners often do manual work. Gold is a traditional choice. Pay attention to the number of carats. Gold is almost always mixed with other metals because otherwise it would be too soft. Usually, betrothed people opt for an 18 or 24 carat ring. Silver is a much cheaper option. The problem with silver, however, is that it quickly decays. If the budget is large enough, titanium will be a better option.

Fashion model

One of the biggest misconceptions is that the rings must be exactly the same. Since the ring represents a band, it can also symbolize the individual and the different of both betrothed. Inform subtly with the partner or ask friends and family what the best option would be. It is also possible to ask advice from a jeweler by showing pictures of the partner and his clothing style. The rule is: the simpler the model, the safer but also the less individual and exciting the ring will be.


With the engagement ring it is customary to purchase a gemstone ring. If possible, a diamond according to traditional customs. Some believe that a larger gemstone symbolizes a greater fortune and thus a greater love. But look at this: larger gems are not always more beautiful and always more expensive. Sometimes beauty is also subtle. Make sure that the future married is modest or proud. The stone must also match the character. For people who are short of cash, it is also an option to buy a fake diamond. These often look like real, but often cost 10 times less than a real diamond. It is also true that very small diamonds are much cheaper than diamonds of an average size. You can easily buy diamond rings for men from Candere. Consider also to have one or more small diamonds on the ring.


The size of the ring is very important. Be sure that you know the size of your and your partner’s finger. You can do this by taking a ring from the partner and asking a jeweler to measure it. However, many rings can also be tailor-made afterwards. However, this can become expensive and the ring can also be damaged. In addition, it is also a lot more romantic if the ring fits directly. It is also possible to determine the size of your hand using various tools on the internet.