Human imagination and technology have no limits. In recent years, some devices have evolved from a source of skepticism to things worth buying. More and more “smart devices” are emerging on the market, making it easier for everyday people.

Smart Devices You Would Never Have Imagined To Exist

Below are the best ones:

Smart way for changing your baby’s dipper

Placing a baby in the Smart Changing Pad will not only make it easy to change your diaper, but also to measure its weight. At the same time, you will be able to get informed about the food intake, and all this data will be gathered in the mobile application to share with the pediatrician. This cushion is suitable for children who have allergies or mild childhood illnesses.

Smart way to brush your teeth

This smart toothbrush, is a device that connects to your smartphone and shows you the inside of your mouth through its built-in 10 Megapixel camera. If you have serious dental concerns, this toothbrush will be necessary.

Smart floss device

This is a “smart yarn case” that is placed in the bathroom mirror. The idea emerged in order for the world to begin to adopt this habit. And how can this are done? Only if you see the case everyday in your bathroom, which will remind you that it’s, time to use it.

Smart way to make your own juice

There is a juice maker that can not make you juice if you do not have WiFi. If this modernist device does not scare you, then learn that it is the most expensive juicer in the market, making the healthiest beverages.

Smart way to use your fork

This device is actually a smart fork, which can figure out if you eat fast. It may sound silly to you, but the slower you eat your meal, the more you enjoy it and your body.

Smart way to hold your umbrella

It is certain that even once in your life you will have forgotten your umbrella somewhere. With Oombrella it’s never going to happen again! How; if you ever miss it, it can tell you about her exact location. Also, this smart umbrella can predict the rain so you never forget it from home.

Smart way to wear your belt

This device is not a simple band. It has the ability to tell you when you stay for a long time standing or sitting or when you have time to drink water and need to be soaked.

Smart way to remember your eggs!

Made in cooperation with a major Universal Robots Company, this egg reminder can synchronize with your mobile and notify you when it’s time to run out of eggs while it can tell you which ones are ready to end.