VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol, can be the ideal communication technology for small businesses, especially as IP networks become as popular as landline telephones.

How Can A Small Business Implement A VoIP System Easily?

VoIP solutions for small business include software and hardware dedicated to directing voice traffic while offering a wide range of calling features. VoIP systems are now scalable and flexible, allowing users to be easily added with features expanded and upgraded as required. VoIP has numerous benefits for businesses including improved customer service, reduced expenses, and improved employee productivity.

If your business already has a high-speed internet connection and IP network then a VoIP phone system can be implemented easily, following these steps.

1.      Assess your business needs and select a solution

There are two choices for implementing a VoIP system. An IP voice system can be installed, which will manage all features of your phone system. Or, if you would rather not replace your existing PBX (Private Branch Exchange) completely, then you can implement a voice gateway which works with your current analogue equipment to boost your existing phone system with internet calling.

You will then need to decide how many IP handsets and extensions you need, as well as which features to include, such as integrated voicemail, hold music and automated attendant. Ensure you include this cost while establishing the scope of installation.

2.      Prepare the network

Adding VoIP traffic to your existing network could be a serious additional load to carry, and you must ensure the network can cope with this traffic smoothly. There should be no audible delays during conversations or dropped calls; you want IP calls to be reliably clear.

Voice traffic should be given higher priority than data traffic on the network. This is known as Quality of Service, and to discover if your network is able to cope with this additional traffic, it is vital to conduct performance tests.

3.      Install the VoIP system

This is the most difficult part, as adding the voice gateway or deploying the IP PBX system is a big undertaking which will affect your entire network. Work with an international VoIP wholesale provider such as https://www.idtexpress.com/ to ensure you have the right solution for your business.

An IT provider can help implement your VoIP system to ensure there will be as little interruption as possible to your business.