Artificial intelligence in changing the world around us in a humongous way. We often don’t realise how this transformation is influencing our lives but it certainly is. Be it cars or food delivery; it is set to automate everything we thought we knew about our worlds. Automation in the consumer durables industry is also becoming increasingly popular. The intervention of technology in this sector is definite to make our devices smarter and our lives easier. There is an increased level of software and hardware interaction between our devices today. A collaborative approach is changing everything related to controlling our consumer durables.

When artificial intelligence meets consumer durables; the result is an easier control of the various devices. Taking an example, the technology implemented by LG helps the air conditioner to change the fan speed based on the temperature of the room. They call it their Auto Operations mode. This helps to automatically alter the behavior of the consumer durables based on other external factors. The fan speed and Louver movement are then controlled automatically by the automation function. This feature is being offered by various brands in a variety of air conditioners.

Brands have several products on offer that can keep all your troubles away to a great extent. They offer air conditioners in two broad categories which are window air conditioners and split air conditioners. While split air conditioners are more powerful by a huge margin; one can opt for a higher capacity of window air conditioner too. These air conditioners are available in several ton capacities. Ranging from 0.75 tonne it can go on upto three tonnes. There are over 130 models from choose from in this range.

Automation in this sector was much sought after if we look at the global trends. How many times on a lazy Sunday morning have you realised that the AC remote is far from your reach and hence been upset about how you cannot alter it with ease. Worse still, how many times have you been awake in the middle of the night because the AC temperature just fails to get regulated the way you wish it would. All these woes can be put aside when you opt for a air conditioner with automation function built in it.

Most people abstain from such features wondering that they would be too tiresome or beyond their basic understanding. Rather it is the complete opposite. Most of these come with an easy installation process. There is not much intervention that is required from the user’s end. All you need to do is change the mode in which your air conditioner is working. On continuously pressing the mode button, the auto operations function will appear. Pressing it will set the air conditioner in the desired mode. This is often easier than setting the mode of your air conditioner manually according to your choice. Sit back and relax as LG makes your life good.