We all know Mumbai is a beautiful holiday destination with an abundance of attractions to explore. It is almost like a go-to city for Bollywood film makers with a bunch of beautiful locations to shoot at! Did you know that Mumbai and the area around is a paradise for beach lovers? Sure, the beaches around the city aren’t talked about much but that doesn’t mean they aren’t some great beaches to stop by and spend some quality time at!

Hidden Beaches Around Mumbai We Bet You Never Knew

So, make it a point to visit those no-so-popular beaches at least once if you are fond of beaches or if you just are an admirer of nature and gorgeous locations in general! In case you are planning your trip from Delhi to Mumbai, then to make things simpler for you we recommend checking out flights from Delhi to Mumbai on Yatra and other necessary details like accommodation and stuff for your trip. First, let us give you a gist of some of these beaches we’ve been talking about so that you can add these to your bucket list!


The Kihim Beach of the village, Kihim, is a beautiful sandy beach that is situated in Alibaug but significantly close to the Mumbai city. People of Mumbai love this beach area for a quick weekend getaway! The Kihim Beach is considerably calm with minimal crowd, so this can be a peaceful closer-to-nature sort of a vacation if you are a fan of those! You also have good local food as well as guesthouses available at very short distances from the beach which make the spot super tourist-friendly.


Korlai is an actual “hidden” beach, easy to miss if you aren’t out looking for it in specific! Located about 20 kilometers away from Alibaug, this beach is a delight to visit with its marvelous view to treat your eyes with. It is surprising how easy it is to miss this site yet how very fantastic a holiday destination it turns out to be once you discover it! Despite being secluded and small, the beach is a delightful sight with rocks and greenery along the white sand with a lighthouse towards one corner. Again, it has very less or no crowd, making it an even better and serene place to spend some quality time with your loved ones! So, make it a point to look for this place as it is totally worth a visit.

Kelva Beach

Located about 80 kilometers north of Mumbai, the Kelva Beach is another one of the quick weekend getaway destinations for the locals and tourists of Mumbai. Slowly attracting more and more crowd since it was discovered in this area, this 8-kilometer long beach is an absolute delight to spend a part of your holiday at! There are also a couple of forts in sight at the opposite tips of the beach to add to the touristy vibe of the Kelva Beach! So make this beach one of your quick stops to admire its pleasing charm.


Talking of secluded and calm beaches, Diveagar is one of the most pleasant and peaceful beaches you would ever get to visit! Located about 130 kilometers on the Mumbai-Goa highway, the Diveagar beach is pure bliss with a long and calm area of nothing but sand and water. Away from the loud city life, this place is the best to spend time alone or with your loved ones in peace amidst beauty! The coconut trees lining the beach and the frequently visiting birds only add to the splendid beauty of this quiet beach making it a place not to forget to stop by while driving away from Mumbai.

Now that we have you sorted with details on some of the hidden beaches worth every minute of your time while out on a calm little vacation, head over to some or all of these and explore the beauty of these not-so-popular beaches. Stop by them on your way, or even if you need to go out of your way to find a few of these, as we promise them to be totally worth experiencing! So, book your Delhi to Mumbai air tickets now online on Yatra and get ready to explore some of these natural splendors of Maharashtra!