True to the popular saying that a person who eats wisely will not fall sick, you are very conscious about your food. You will take enough precautions to avoid junk food and also rigorously follow your workout regimen. But, when you are on business tour you cannot afford to disregard your client’s luxurious dinner. Therefore, you tend to forget your commitment to healthy food. But, the Connecticut limo service will guide you to hotels and restaurants where healthy and nutritious food is prepared under perfect hygienic environment.

Healthy Travel? 15 Smart Eating Options For Business Travelers

Are you a diabetic?

If you are obese, diabetic or suffering from hypertension then you should take extra precaution about your eating habits while you are on business travel. Therefore, for the benefit of business people like you, a few suggestions are given here which can help you to be smart while taking food during your business tour:

  1. No alcohol: Avoid alcohol and also coffee or tea. Instead drink enough water or fruit juice which helps you to keep sufficiently hydrated.
  2. Pack your food: Instead of taking food provided by the Airlines, you may pack your own food consisting of dry fruits or chopped vegetables, popcorn, energy bars, baby carrots and so on.
  3. Low calorie food: During long distance flying many airlines will provide you low calorie food. Place your order in advance.
  4. Shun pastry: Normally during the meetings and conferences donuts, pastries, fried products and sweets are served.  Keep away from such tempting recipes.
  5. Keep hydrated: During the meetings you may ask for water or coffee or tea. Most preferably you should take sparkling water instead of soft drink. This keeps you sufficiently hydrated.
  6. Food for lunch: During lunch break instead of taking spicy and junk food, you may take a salad, sandwich, whole grain bread, sauces, dressings and fresh vegetables.
  7. Do not skip your breakfast: Before you go to the meeting, you should take your breakfast. The breakfast may consist of fruits and vegetables, oats, milk and such other materials.
  8. Customized food: This will be an ideal choice; your customized meal can be lean meat, vegetables, avocado and such other products.
  9. No pizzas: During break hours, do not take pizza and deep fried products like chips. Instead plenty of dry fruits, water and fruit juice.
  10. Food for supper: Chicken, lean beef and vegetables are ideal choice for your supper. Keep away from sweets and ice creams.
  11. Avoid temptations: After the business meeting, you may have to spend your evening preparing for next round of meetings. During such time you are normally tempted to try some entertaining snacks. Keep away from such temptations.
  12. Be first: While dining with the client you should try to be first to order. Naturally, you will have the choice to order nutritious food.
  13. Protein powder: Carry herbal protein powder from a reputed manufacturer. Mix the powder with water which keeps you hydrated.
  14. Prefer substitution: If the hotel has served you chips ask for substitution with fruits or vegetables. Many hotels will agree for such substitution.
  15. Red wine: If you are visiting a sunny spot, red wine, carotenoids and lycopene could be an ideal choice.


While on a business tour you should take proper care of your health. Being healthy is the first step to be a successful businessman. Therefore, while on a tour you should wisely regulate your food.