This is a highly conflicting point to be messed with! People often believe that it is important to socialize in order to expand and grow. Several also believe that it’s best not to do so! While it is important to focus on climbing our way up, we should take some minutes off the struggle, and indulge in some guiltless pleasures, like a small round of food and drinks with the closest around us, or by arranging a long ride from the airport to your next business summit like a king in a rental from the St. Louis car service. Let’s check out the pros and the not-so-good trifles that often occur, when we mix these two together.

Business Mixed With Pleasure?

Why yes?

At times it is important for us to make way for some socialization in order to find out what is going on in and around our lives. Nothing helps more than a dine-out together in a splendid evening and catching up with a few friends or acquaintances.

Sharing our progress and talking about our thoughts and ideas can help improve our own growth. But isn’t it bad to let someone know you too well professionally? The answer is yes, it is! But as a working adult in today’s society, we need to learn a few tricks to walk and stand tall!

The more you interact, the more you know about the loopholes in your approach, as well as theirs. Talking about your professional endeavours not only makes you smarter, but also assists you in taking better decisions in future as you come to know what’s in the mind of people, which provides a reflection to the greater numbers facing you.

Why not…

Yes I admit, although there are several of the good things that await you, there’s a large number of no-noes that you have to look out for, if you get dangerously strangled by the emotional circle around you.

Never, I repeat, never try to get in the mess of doing business with friends. There have been several noted consequences to this turmoil which are hard to recover in the later stages, without noticeable damage to both the parties. Here’s why:

The more you know a person, the less professional you can be. This does not help taking the right decisions during the times of crisis, and your instincts are compromised.

Judgements come into play, as you notice every little thing they do, polluting your mindset.

More you get involved socially, you lose your focus where you need to be and this not only leads to the demise of your productivity, but also gets you involved in unintentional troubles. (Everyone knows about professional rendezvous turning in to unforgivable accidents, can’t afford that!)

Save yourself some trouble by avoiding emotional complications. Socialising only makes you much more playful than you need to be in strict business, and summing it up with alcohol and more parties, it is a complete disaster!

Word of mouth can create a mountain. Beware of the choices you make, however, small they are! And most importantly, start your day smarter!

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