Do you wish to spend a vacation in land of magic, majesty and mystery. Then you need to visit Mexico which has got every bit of it. The range of the Riviera Maya, along the east bank of the Yucatan Peninsula is a standout amongst the most delightful on the planet. So, it turns to be a unique amongst the many destinations on the planet.

When you choose to spend some amount of time in this a piece of the world, numerous adventures will be welcoming you.

Here are a few activities that you can include and enjoy during your vacation in the Riviera Maya.

1. Enjoy the clear waters of the Caribbean sea: What can be the better approach to enjoy the water than taking a snorkeling visit to experience the world underneath the waves? The water off the Mexican coast is filled with marine life. Besides, they house the world’s second longest coral reef.

2. With the warm and inviting Caribbean, it is much difficult to overlook that there are plenty of the things to do on the land. The Yucatan Peninsula has one of the biggest fields of tropical timberlands on the planet. A standout amongst the most exciting approaches to experience the rain forest shade is by zip lining in Playa del Carmen.

3. In the Riviera Maya, water is never far away. The peninsula is situated on top of an extensive underground river system. A vacation into these waters permits you to see the noteworthy rock formations that exist there.

4. The most ideal approach to achieve the underground rivers is by rappelling into one of the numerous cenotes that dab the Riviera Maya. The Mayans utilized these common sinkholes as a source of fresh water and for religious services.

5. Speaking of the Mayans, keep in mind that this old civilization once commanded the area. Visit Tulum and other archaeological sites — the legacy of the Maya civilization — to add an extraordinary experience to your vacation in Riviera Maya.

6. Visit the most breathtaking Mayan site, Chichen Itza. It is the biggest and best safeguarded archaeological site in Mexico. Numerous structures are symbols of the Mesoamerican world.

7. Another famous site is the coastal town of Tulum. When a flourishing port Maya, Tulum is today an extremely well known spot to explore the Mayan ruins.

8. When you are prepared to come back to current human civilization, approach to Playa del Carmen. The city’s Fifth Avenue gives you the access to shopping and tasty food.

9. Just north of Playa del Carmen is the biggest city of the Riviera Maya – Cancun. This town is famous for its nightlife. In the wake of spending a day exploring investigating the reef and rain forest, you can dance the night away in Cancum

Thus, it is worth saying that when you spend a vacation with Riviera Maya, you spend one of the most memorable vacation of your life.

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