According to a 2014 data analysis report by U.S economists, adults who had a happy life in their childhood end up getting a big paycheck and live a glamorous life. The life satisfaction research was conducted at University College London on 15,000 young adults. Every family wants their kids to grow up as loved people and to love back, follow their dreams and become successful in future life. While children are born naturally happy people, and the genes play a role, the environment kids are raised in, can determine whether a child becomes happy or a gloomy person.

According to “Raising a Happy Child: A Proven Method for Depression on Young Children,” by Bob Murray, PhD, optimistic, happy children are the product of optimistic, happy homes regardless of the child gene makeup.

What are the Ways in which a Family can raise Happy Kids? 

  1. The Connections 

One of the surest ways to boost a child emotional-happiness is to foster connections, have the child know and develop mutual relationship with friends, family members, the neighbors, pets and the day-care providers. A connected child develops a feeling of being loved, wanted, understood, and acknowledged. A connection to the people that matters protects the child from suicidal thoughts, emotional distress, and other risky habits like smoking and drinking.

  1. Nature Own Happiness 

While parents and people around the children cannot control how the children feel or make them happy forthwith, adults can control their own moods and make themselves happy. Children takes everything from the people around them, especially those who are meant to care for them and educate them, our mood therefore matters a lot in making the kids happy. A happy child, on spotting a sad parent, will absorb the sadness and remain sad for the rest of the day. Happy spouses do have happy children, nurturing relationships is part of making the children happy. Have time to rest, have family time together, relax, and have light moments with the children.

  1. Praise the Kid 

Studies link happiness to self-esteem. Our kids can only be happy when they are recognized for what they do, this keeps them going on. However, caution is required for where praise is given; children should not reach a point where they understand that the parents will not love them back when they fail, they will end up doing it to please the parents.

  1. Allow for Both Child Failure and Success 

It’s advisable that children be given the chance to do certain things. We must not do everything for them, parents should not struggle to please them. Children should be given a chance when they fail, to try again, when they succeed, they are praised.

Happiness promotes general wellbeing of the children, happiness boosts he productivity of even the grown adults. A happy nation is very resourceful for economic impact. A happy child indeed will have a happy future, it is therefore ideal that parents create a good environment for the growth of the children. Some factors outside the home range also create environments that may lead to child unhappiness, the government should play its role in making the kids happy by providing the right infrastructures, policies and support. Get a CSA phone number as you learn how to raise a happy kid.