Scenic landscapes are the best views one can see in the hillside. Sprucing it with the best foliage, plants, trees and other design accents may also beautify a sloping garden.

Despite the challenge posed by your property’s steep incline, it is still possible for you to make your property the best place to stay and unwind after a hard day’s work.

  • Add a place for respite

To a certain extent, traversing a steep terrain may cause one to heave with breath. Older people may grow averse to exploring uphill as this may prove to their health and safety. Putting a gazebo in the middle of the hillside may be a wise addition to your enthralling garden, as it allows you to take a breather while enjoying the sights of your surroundings. If your space is constrained to accommodate a structure like this, a bench that can seat at least two people will suffice so that you and a friend can bask at the glory of nature.

  • Adorn with flowers, perennial plants

There are a lot of foliage that can accentuate your hillside property, but not all of them suits such terrain. Consider the type of soil in your property, and how much sun the plants may receive when planted on your hillside lot so that flowers and plants can bloom and grow better.

Perennial plants are the most suitable to adorn a hillside lot. These can thrive in extreme climate and ecological conditions, and are very sturdy because of its strong roots protected deep underground. Fragrant plants like lavender, hydrangea, and butterfly bush give a burst of color to your uphill landscape, while ostrich ferns, solidago, and Camellia sinensis will add more fragrant character to your blooms.

  • Avoid a slippery slope

In every sense of the term, slippery slopes only mean that your beautiful garden may be a disaster waiting to happen if not designed correctly. Some professionals admit that it is quite a daunting task to landscape a hilly garden, but it is still possible and doable. Sloping gardens are hard to till because the soil will have the tendency to loosen up, this is why it is advisable to contact a professional gardener to do this for you to prevent causing minor landslides, as well as injuries brought about by wet floors.

Installing non-slip tiles and flooring may help prevent accidental falls, most especially if you have a rambunctious child or an elderly frequenting the property. A well-designed railing to hold on while going uphill through pathways or stairs will not only add character to your garden; it also ensures the security of those who enjoy the scenery.

Landscaping a hillside property shouldn’t be as hard as a very steep uphill climb. Making sure that you have the best foliage that will fit your surroundings and your personality will definitely make your lot the most attractive of all. Most importantly, ensuring the safety and functionality beyond the aesthetics of your hilly property makes a perfect haven for you, your family and friends.

Written by Clark Jones, owner of Tree Frog Complete Grounds Maintenance. Tree Frog is the best company for landscaping in Columbia, MO.