It is known to everyone that the employees who develop their professional training skills are expected to be more productive as compared to others. And strengthened productivity can propel the growth of an enterprise. Irrespective of the domain your company is in – financial, travel, entertainment – every employee should be provided with the opportunity to improve their existing skills and garner new ones. By what are the possible means through which one can achieve them? Consider opting for a quality-focused online learning platform.

Although there are innumerable learning platforms in India that claim improved engagement and performance-focused results, only a few are able to provide long-term results. Realizing that Indian companies struggle with their corporate training, it is key to understand the important characteristics of a quality-driven online learning platform.

Here is the checklist for the top features that are capable of ensuring the success of employees’ corporate training experience.

Online Corporate Training Platform: Must-have Features

  • Customization

It is advised that businesses/corporates choose for a platform that encompasses library of tools, resources, courses along with ample scope for customization so that the specific requirements are met. It is always a better idea to provide customization options as far as the development of professional training courses is concerned. If you have decided to opt for an online learning platform in India that fails to meet all your needs, you can hire a developer who can take care of all your needs.

  • Mobile accessibility

Design is considered as one of the key elements of a mobile learning platform. It is important to choose such a platform/program that has been developed by the professional Instructional Designers and the design elements are simple, clean and intuitive.

Responsive design means that the layout will adapt across different devices like smart-phones, tablets and also function on varied OS (iOS, Windows, and Android). It is advantageous for those employees who are always on the move (primarily retail and restaurant businesses) and needs to leverage the device constantly.

  • Ability to maintain watch and develop customized reports

It has been noticed that keeping a close watch on the progress of the employees help determine ways to bring improvement in the employee learning experience. This is one of the key reason why analytics for learning outcomes should be made available to the managers and executives in an online learning management system. Experts vouch for a system that allows creation and export of customized reports for specific data instead of basic data reports.

The system should be proficient in offering the employees relevant opportunities to undertake an in-depth evaluation of the progress made. It is known to all that assessment review is capable of improving the learning retention.

  • Quick set up and scaling

There are varied learning management systems that take several months (even years) to get professional training courses functional. It is important to be due diligent and choose a scalable platform in the cloud that can be modified in the future if needed.

Technology experts claim that it is important to make sure that the platform maintains compatibility with the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP). A system that is able to hook up with the database of users helps to save time. Moreover, the chosen online learning platform should be able to migrate the current data into the new training program.


People are considered as a valuable resource and capable of contributing to the success of a business. Choosing an efficient learning management system is capable of making all the difference in the online corporate training domain.

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