As it often happens, you may sustain injuries because of an accident that may have happened on the road or in a factory that was not a result of your fault but somebody else’s. If it was a road accident, then someone crashed carelessly into your car or while you were walking on the sidewalk and left you injured. If it was during your work hours, it could be because a machine malfunctioned causing injuries. Whatever the reason, you can claim your injuries and be compensated for them if you file a strong case in the court.

How do you ensure that you have a strong case? It is not the availability of strong proof but hiring of an excellent lawyer. An intelligent lawyer can easily make even the strongest of proofs sound questionable. So what comprises of a goof lawyer you ask? Here is a brief comparison between the two.

Level of Comfort

You will always feel extremely comfortable with a good lawyer and be able to convey everything easily. However, in the case of a bad lawyer, you may leave out important details because you are not comfortable enough to discuss them with him. Remember that this may cost you your case so make sure you are comfortable with him.

Level of Understanding

It is imperative that your lawyer can get down to your level and really understand your point of view and everything that happened to you. That is what makes a good lawyer. However, if a lawyer is not attentive enough or makes assumptions of his own, that is one lawyer you do not want to hire.

Good Personal Injury Lawyer Vs. Bad Personal Injury Lawyer

Adding Drama

A good lawyer should be able to win a case without having to resort to cheap antics. So, if your lawyer suggests that you fake an injury or limp when you are perfectly fine, it is time to rethink your decision and get a second consultation.

Relevant Experience

While sufficient experience is good, what really matter is that the experience must be in the field that you have been convicted in. The lawyer must have a healthy history of fighting personal injury cases successfully.

Team Work

Sometimes a single lawyer can work. However, a lawyer who has a team working for him is always preferable. This means that there are more than one heads on your case which ensure covering it from all angles. Make sure that the lawyer introduces you to his team because you need to be able to mingle with them in order to get the desired result. In case he is hesitant about doing so, it might mean that something is fishy and you may want reconsider your options.

Of all the things mentioned above, a good lawyer will always work very hard towards your case and not treat it like just another one. It may not be easy to find the right one but he should be worth it. Look for referrals if you can and ask around if someone has gone through a similar incident to make sure you are prepared for what is to come.

Miranda Sanders is a social worker who often comes across cases of personal injury. She has time and again sought help from and is content with their services.