Unquestionably, the selection of employees is a complex task. Just not because of its involving procedures but in today’s complex socio-economical setting, undergoing a foolproof staffing job concerns significantly. And, this to this basic reason why from Fortune 500, Fortune 100 to medium size federally administered organizations to medium size commercial houses, societies prefer to obtain 100% support from the major Californian Technology Consultancy company BA Techno Links Corp who are, in fact, masters in this area.

A major doorstep activity in absorbing potential employees is screening. Forget about what happened in the decades earlier, as of today, if you are not very serious on this issue or overlook to go through a comprehensive screening process, then most likely your prospective project is going to be deadlock. Any type of unforeseen incident may occur for which you can merely do nothing but be regretful. This is why; the best option is go for the experts who are weathered about all probable hazards of hiring people. Accordingly they undergo the most meticulous route of screening that ensure the worthy, expertise and authenticity of people who happens to sit in your office in forthcoming days.

The major issue of screening before hiring people in globalized business economy is the background check of proposed employees; the gravity of is better understood by the team of BA Techno Links Corp than any management consultancy group in CA or its adjacent states. According to their previous clients that techniques that are followed by the community is extremely innovative as well as consistent with the age and trustworthy to their clients.

At BA Technolinks, a core team of professionals who are basically from Human Resource Industry take care of the entire screening process. Aside from knowledge, field experience they are having strong influence in different administrative departments that help them in checking people’s background through a technically sound process.

How It Works

As you contact and propose them in connection with absorption of your proposed workforce, some of their executives belong to their staff screening cell meet you to undergo the process as follows

  • An across the table discussion to assess your requirements;
  • Depending upon your Budget and Requirement; they suggest you optional ways of meeting your staffing need;
  • As you give approval, they begin their steps toward interviewing procedure for hiring people;
  • Maximum a dozen candidates are called for the interview;
  • Comprehensive Screening process is followed with the help of newest tools and agencies support;
  • On receipt of final reports, necessary documentation is done and final interview is undertaken by the top management;
  • Clients are delivered the finally screened resumes, and the details of the candidate with background check etc;

BA’s Screening Procedure

  • Telephonic interview/ Personal discussion
  • Educational/ Technical Test Session and Skill Assessment
  • Background Check for Shortlisted Candidates
  • Reference Verification/ Previous Employers Feedback
  • Criminal and Drug Test Check
  • Final Selection

The CA based America’s leading Technology and Information Technology Management Consultancy house BA Techno Links Corp takes pride that the thorough procedures that they undergo in screening process has been established top successful and completely flaw free to all their clients whomever they’ve rendered services. The company welcomes you to experience their employee selection process if you’ve a requirement in near future.