It is a common human nature that we love to feel special. We like it the most when someone treats us differently from others and gives us that extra attention. Gifts are one major way to make someone feel special. For any kind of occasion, people exchange gifts, a set of things given to the other person as a token of love or remembrance. Earlier, simple gifts were given, for example, a bouquet of flowers, teddy bear, perfumes, story-books, etc. Nowadays, these simple gifts are being replaced with expensive and stylish ones. More than a token of love for the receiver, it has become a symbol of the status of the sender. Simple gifts are no more popular. Instead, baskets of things are nicely packed and gifted. These are known as gift hampers.

So, how did this idea of hampers become so popular? Actually, people started these gift hampers to send gifts to a group of people. In many cultures, during festivals and marriages, the daughter’s family sends gift hampers to their son-in-law and his family as a token of love. Whereas, in the western world, sending Christmas hampers to relatives is a well- known thing. Slowly but steadily people started giving gift hampers to individuals also.

Sending gift hampers by post is a very common thing nowadays. To your relatives or friends staying far away across oceans, it is not possible to send gifts daily. So, it is very usual to send a basket of gifts when you do so, probably once a year. All the favourite things he/she likes or the popular things of that season from where the gift is to be sent can be clubbed together in this hamper. With these people staying far away, it isn’t possible to communicate daily and these hampers act as a token of love to show that you actually care and miss them.

There are many occasions and for each type of occasions, different types of hampers are prepared. Christmas hampers generally contain a bottle of wine, preserves, cookies, chocolates, stockings, Christmas trees, bells and other things related to the occasion. On the other hand, if you are gifting a hamper to your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, it will contain different things. Valentine’s Day hampers may contain beer, teddy bears, truffles, chocolates, t-shirts and various other things. Marriage hampers again may have soft throw blankets/ essentials required for house, champagne, and a pack of movies or television show that the couple can enjoy watching over and over again. Birthday Hampers turn out to be the saviour when you are unable to attend a close friend’s party. It is a great way of saying happy birthday and also telling them that you care.

To send hampers to your loved ones, living outside (National or international, few things are to be kept in mind. With such a wide range of hampers available in the market, people tend to fall for the readymade ones. But, there is no alternative to hand- made hampers. It brings that surprising element and that extra touch. The thought and effort you put in is more valuable than the extra penny you spend.