If you have a business, product or event to promote then the chances are you will be engaged in some form of marketing endeavours. If it is a project that’s close to your heart, something in which you have invested time, money and effort, then you will be justly proud. Marketing and promotion of anything, be it a product, service or event, is not for the faint hearted. It can take an enormous amount of work; long days, sleepless nights, financial hardship and even broken relationships – when you have a passion for a business idea, it burns long, bright and sometimes painfully.

So when you have a precious project you are proud of, nobody else should be getting the credit.


It’s only right that if you put all the hours, sweat and creative energy into building something up, that you take the rewards.

Of course, all this is a given. It is understood by any honest and enterprising entrepreneur  that hard graft should equal hard cash in return. But unfortunately, sometimes this is very far from the case.

Getting The Real Deal

If you are having problems with counterfeiting ruining your business, whether it’s through fake copies of products or illegal ticket scams to your events, it’s time you started thinking about protecting your interests.

Providing the Real Thing

Let’s suppose, just as an example, that you produce a high quality food product that sources only the best ingredients. In order to verify that the product is in fact the real deal, and does contain Tuscan white truffle flakes in the quantities described on the packaging, then it’s a really good idea to add hologram labels to reinforce product authenticity. Hologram labels  feature multi-layered, complex and highly detailed designs which are impossible to convincingly replicate and help in the fight against fake products.

Applying hologram labels to products gives them an immediate aura of quality and really makes them stand out from the crowd with their light-filled, shimmering motifs. If customers want the real deal, then they will choose the product with the hologram because as an extra layer of security it takes some beating. When you have worked hard to develop a product, don’t let the counterfeiters steal your thunder – add assurance in the form of holographic designs and customers can buy with 100 per cent confidence.

Tickets to Success

Another area where the issues of fakes and copies can generate real heartache is in the world of events. If you are a concert promoter staging a lucrative show with a big name act, there will be temptations for the counterfeiters to produce fake tickets. Ticket scammers make a lot of money dealing in illegal, worthless tickets, and in turn event organisers lose money. Add to that the poor audience members who are out of pocket too, and it’s a really miserable scenario.

As a promoter, you can help protect yourself and ticket buyers from such criminal behaviour by adding extra levels of security to your ticketing. Sticking a hologram label onto a concert ticket will enable security and entry staff to check accurately the provenance of a ticket. Holograms are very difficult to copy and fakes will become obvious very quickly. Adding such additional security tags to your tickets is not something that should be reserved for the large ticket agencies, the laser technology exists now to open up the possibility of holograms in smaller quantities but with maximum effectiveness.

Identify Yourself

If you have a non ticket event, but merely want to verify the identity of people coming and going at a particular venue, you can get super-authentic ID cards printed. Such ID cards will have all the normal stuff that an identity card would feature such as a photo and written details but it would also contain a complex hologram that can be checked for authenticity. When security is tight and entry points require tough policing, a hologrammed ID card is the way forward.

At the end of the day, if you are fighting a war against fakes, copies and counterfeits, it doesn’t take much of a shift in perception to welcome the idea of security holograms with open arms. Let’s face it, passports, bank notes and credit cards have long benefited from this technology, so it’s about time the commercial world caught up and used it to its advantage as well. With prices dropping and access to such services improving, there’s no excuse not to be spreading some holographic happiness around all types of business, ticketed events and product lines.