Every cigar enthusiast knows the value of a high quality cutter for his cigars. These cutters can also be bought from stores that offer cigar deals from Famous Smoke. In fact, one can have his own collection of cigar cutters the same way he has a collection of varieties of cigars. Irrespective of how often one smokes cigars; they must have a cigar cutter at their disposal for convenience. It’s essential that one invests in excellent quality cigar cutter than cheap fancy ones. However, in order to do that one must first comprehend what makes for a high quality cutter. Here are some prominent ways to find out more about the quality cutters through an introduction to their variety.

Always Buy High Quality Cutter For Cigars

  1. Guillotine cutters have single or twin blades to render a clean as well as a better cut to the cigar.
  2. Scissor cutter renders much pressure on cigar that result in even and centred cut.
  3. Punch is not a cutter, but it would simply make a puncture or a tiny hole at the puff end of cigar. This may be considered better for wide diameter cigars, but these are not at all suitable for thin cigars.

Guillotine cutters are the most used cigar cutters across the globe because of the ease they render. One just has to put the sealed side of cigar through the cutter and press the one end or both ends of the apparatus to make a clean swift cut. It usually has a base, which allows a cigar to be cut evenly and only as much as it’s necessary to drag a puff. One doesn’t need any practice or expertise to use it because it only requires one to follow a simple manual, which is:

  • Set the cigar in the cutter or set the cutter onto the cigar
  • Press the cutter to cut

Unlike guillotine, scissor cutters are a bit tricky. They resemble typical scissors that are used to cut papers; but with a broad blades to do the necessary. It does require good amount of skill and practice to use the cigar scissors to make a clean cut. One wrong angle can result in an improper cut to the cigar and that can open the wrapper too.

Can Cigar Punch be Used as an Alternative to Cigar Cutters?

The answer would be yes as well as no! A cigar punch is only ideal for big ring size cigars and in the hands of an expert cigar aficionado. Someone with a not so steady hand can puncture a hole too big for the filler to start trembling out with each puff; from either side. Furthermore, a cigar punch can’t be of much use on smaller ring size cigars because there will be nothing left inside the puff end of it to hold between lips; even gently.

Hence, trusting high quality stainless steel cigar cutter through cigar deals from Famous Smoke must be the way to achieve that euphoric state of cigar enjoyment.