Are you attending any wedding party very recently and wants to have the picture of the entire event with you? Then have a camera with you who are highest in the class of the camera and help to get the best quality video recording of the event you want. The ultra high definition camera with the best quality picture and recording quality give you an ultimate piece of memory in a nice and beautiful way.

Getting High Resolution Picture With The Ultra HD

The New Way to Look into the Picture you Record

And now the most demanded model among the camcorder is the 4k camcorder which is digital in version supporting 3840×2160 4k resolution. Thus you can imagine how much resolution it can support. Even the smallest things that the normal eye miss put can be highlighted with these digital camcorder. Now the question comes what is the 4k? Ultra high definition in HDTV resolution. It displays eight million pixels in active mode where the lower resolution boundary is the 3840×2160. But without these there are multiple options of ultra which is nice enough as it doubles the number of horizontal and vertical images. Formally it was known as 4k but the CCEA has changed the name to ultra high definition which can bring the world in front of you with a reality in it.

Difference of Normal HDTV and Ultra HD

For a video recording the ultra HD video takes a solid one gigabyte per second for a playback otherwise it compact itself. And it means the faster hard drives and faster internet connection is necessary. An uncompressed movie recording can be played at 30 frames per second thus playing the video in the fastest mode and smoothest. Even when you are watching the movies it very ultra clear and thus you can easily see the difference of the normal HD than the ultra HD. And hence to view this you need a fifty inch or more size television set for the normal viewers.

The ultra HD camcorders are being launched in the market with the popular brands and with a very lower prices. The vendors like Samsung Panasonic sony and LG are bringing the appliance in the market at a very cheap rate to the public. But the only disadvantages is that there are barely any content that you can watch in the normal HDTV as they don’t support the resolution of the ultra HD. Thus f you are thinking of seeing the high HD picture then ave these camcorder with you immediatedly.