TV is gradually losing its sheen! It was the game changer if home entertainment over the second half of the last century, but with the advent of the new millennium, it is gradually losing out to the smartphones. The phones today, besides being connected to the internet 24X7, also allows the different apps that make it possible to watch the favourite programs on one’s own choice of time. They can be watched anywhere, even while on the move inside tubes and cabs. Thus, TV needs to do something really monumental to turn the tide in its favour, or even to survive another 50 years!

Bond With The Family Even Better With A 4k TV In The Drawing Room!

What TV can Offer that Internet Cannot?

Well, a TV definitely has the rigidity that one has to adhere to its timings and doesn’t have a choice, but the best part about TV is that it can actually unite friends and families over a program. While watching the same favourite program or sports show, two or more people can bond well than in any other way! Over the internet, the whole thing is a one to one interaction, and not beyond!

In a world that we live in, personal grudges, frustrations and complaints are always rising. Break-ups and divorces are on the up constantly and small kids are learning the negativities more than the positives.At such times, it is required to hold on to the families, especially for the future of the kids. A TV can offer such golden moments that internet cannot!

Huge Screened TV

In order to make TV survive the long run, numerous technological marvels are out. The latest is the huge screened TV which gives the feeling of a multiplex or a movie hall! It can be watched by many members of the family or by a cosy couple wanting to feel each other at the privacy of home! It can also be the bonding force when installed publicly for sports matches and festivals.

Modern Specifications

But such huge screens cannot be loved only because of the size; the 4k TV has to have high picture quality as well! That is why the Panasonic 4k Pro-Viera comes with a great many number of advanced features like:-

  • Huge screen size.
  • Excellent colour detailing quality.
  • High pixel break-up of the screen, bringing out the best of colour composition.
  • High quality screen light control to offer best visibility to the farthest corner of a large crowd.
  • Best quality of sound to cover a large area with clarity.