London style is a unique combination of style and elegance. It is said that London style differs from others. So, the majority of British society is the middle class. What do they wear from top to the toe?


Frankly speaking, the top of the British women are always bare, even in winter. They are often bareheaded. Even on windy days you cannot see the hat on the head of British lady. If it is really cold, British ladies also wear the elements of hooded clothesе. If there is no hood, you may wear a knitted tight hat – beany hat. They don’t wear wide hats but you can often meet them in the shop.

What about the old English hats that are usually associated with the old British style and fashion? You can wear it only for special occasions: wedding, ball and other celebrations. In summer you can see the straw hats here and there on the head. What is interesting, the men’s and women’s hats have no difference in design. So, it is time to come down to the body wrapping.

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Actually, the British style is based on two main principles: modesty and pragmatism. The beauty and elegance is not at the first place. If the piece of clothing looks nice but not pragmatic, it probably will stay in the shop till the end of the season to be essential for sale. British ladies invest big money in their clothes, so, the clothes must be ultimate. It is said, less is more. You cannot see the middle class women, dressed in bright colors. Nevertheless, you can easily meet such a woman here and there. As a rule, they are the representatives of the creative professions. The rest of women keep the diet in their clothes. They like natural clothes of soft tones and the combination of two tones sometimes.

It is better to be underdressed than overdressed at any life situation. The most popular brands are Boden, Joules, Hobbs, H&M, Topshop, Next, All Saints, Fatface, The White Company and Zara. Of course, Burberry is worth your special attention. This is the most popular English brand but no one in England will wear stripped Burberry clothes. Just foreigners do that! They do love Burberry! You may hire a car in London and go to see the most popular boutiques and showrooms of the most popular brands. Speaking about the materials, people prefer wearing natural clothes: cotton, wool, viscose. Synthetic materials are out of order and always out of fashion.

Winter London Style

Speaking about the winter style, it must be functional. British women wear many layers of clothing. The lower layer is top, cotton shirt or T-shirt. The next layer can be sweater of cardigan. The main principle is wear wearing different pieces of clothing all together because the weather is unpredictable. You can easily take your sweater off when it is hot. Also, you can dress the sport wear, demonstrating that you are active.

If the temperature is about zero, women take their coats and jackets. You should not wear fur coats. It is intolerable. To be honest, British women don’t like wearing overclothes and wraps. They also don’t like dressing natural and non-natural fur. The quilted waistcoats are mostly popular. They are also good for sport or office, no matter. What can protect you from the extremely windy weather? You may use scarf, wraps of different forms and materials. Snoods are also popular – this is a kind of English knitted wear.

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Summer London Style

Summer is a season of dresses of different colors. You may also wear pants, skirts and tops. The clothes of natural materials are preferred: cotton, silk, flax. You can also get creative and wear dresses of different colors. Nevertheless, Londoners still don’t like stripped and spotted materials. They still prefer the monochrome clothes to flowered clothes.

Office Style

The official clothes of British ladies are white shirt or blouse and the costume. If you think that official style is rather boring you may add the bright spot in form of scarf or something. On Fridays you may dress casual clothes to the office. You look weird if you are still official this day. The jeans and relaxed casual style is good for Friday work and after work leisure. Nevertheless, if you are going to go out with your friends after work, nothing can stop you, even your official clothes. The pubs are always full of strict ladies in the evening.

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Jeans are the favorite clothes for legs. The skinny and super skinny jeans of classic colors are highly popular now. There is alternative variant – dark skinny treggings. Ladies don’t wear slacks. The ripped jeans are always up to date. Londoners of all ages wear ripped jeans.


Speaking about shoes, everything is simple: if it is office and you are obliged to wear high heels, you may take the second pair of shoes to take your heels as fast as possible. What about the everyday life? British women wear heels just to go out. It is really difficult to look at them. Nevertheless, English ladies prefer wearing comfortable shoes to the high heels. There are different kinds of flats or flat shoes are popular: sandals, moccasins, oxfords, brogues. It is also attractive to wear sneakers and training shoes for a beautiful dress. The sport brands of shoes that are popular in London are Nike, Converse, New Balance and Adidas. The others brands that are popular are Clarks, Office, Geox, Crocs, Skechers and Vans.

Umbrellas and Gumboots

Does it look weird? If you want to be a real Londoner you must have these pieces of clothing in your wardrobe. Everyone has a couple of umbrellas. Ladies usually pick the umbrella to complete their look. The gumboots of all styles and colors are available. They are the most popular kind of high boots in the list of all popular footwear. You can wear gumboots not only in the country but in the city. The most popular brand of high boots is Hunter. This is also the favorite brand of the Royal family. So, get dressed!