Satellite television is one of the most helpful inventions of all time. It delivers television channels and programs to the people by relaying it from a communication satellite. These satellites are orbiting around the earth. The signals can be received via a parabolic antenna.

Earlier cable televisions were used. They also allowed the same television services as satellite television. But since it required a lot of wiring it was not preferred over satellite version. Satellite television is sort of an improved version of cable networking.

The satellite televisions have both kinds of signals analog and digital, depending on a receiver of the signals. Earlier analog signals were used, but later digital signals came into existence and were used. Satellite television is more preferred than cable television.

Direct to home (DTH) television receives satellite signals from direct broadcast satellites. It is a method of receiving satellite television network. It is based in India. It was set up by the government of India in the year 2000.

India has the most subscribers of DTH in the world. This is making India the largest DTH market in the world. By the year 2017, India had about sixty-eight million active DTH subscribers. Also, the figure does not include the free DTH services. DTH services were actually proposed in the country in the year 1996. The proposal was not accepted first; as the leaders thought that it will pose a negative cultural influence on the people of the country. Moreover, the leaders were also concerned about the security of the country.

The leaders made some key recommendations for DTH services:-

  • No monopoly should be permitted, neither to single entity nor to private or state-owned.
  • The vertical integration and cable services should be monitored
  • The vertical integration should be avoided in order to ensure fair competition in the market of DTH services.

Forgetting DTH services one needs to first, but a television network connection, and then do timely DTH recharge. This allows people to watch their favorite programs every day without any problem. Getting a new DTH connection is easy, and so is doing DTH recharge. Since, the first service launch in 2001, DTH is serving its purpose well. People are getting quality services at low rates, and are happy with the providers in the nation.

A DTH recharge can be done through various methods. The first method is by doing it through companies and shops that provide such services. There are numerous shops all over the country that allows one to do his or her DTH recharge. In addition to that, there are several e-wallet applications that allow people to do their own top-ups. These applications not only does DTH top-ups but also provide either discount or offers for making top-ups through them One of the examples of such application is Paytm. The last one is through service providers. The company that provides services can also do your top up. The company provides top up both online and offline. One can either call the toll free number of the company or go straight to their website or app.