Keeping our homes clean and free from unwanted odor is very important. In such a way it could make our homes the best place to stay. Imagine living in a house, where the moment you enter, you can smell something bad? Especially, if you are just coming from work and wanted to have a rest to relieve yourself from stress, then would you feel relaxed? The bad smell might even give you a headache, right?

garbage disposal

Now, what if you are using a garbage disposal at home? Do you think you can still smell that unwanted odor that is giving you a headache? Of course, using the garbage disposal can help in eliminating that bad scent and you can keep the natural good scent in the house. Can you see now that there is a benefit of using the best garbage disposal at home?

It could have been better if you can find time to find the best garbage disposal on the market because pretty sure that different manufacturers are also available. You can do that by comparing the products as well as reading customer reviews. Aside from that, you may also ask for recommendations from friends, who are using garbage disposals.

Choosing the best garbage disposal

I know that some of you are still doubting and deciding whether to use garbage disposals at home or not. But, we really need to know first is how you can choose one. You can surely experience the benefit of using the best garbage disposal, if you know how to choose the right one. So, we have here a few things that you need to consider.

One of the types of disposal is the continuous feed disposals. This type is actually the common and usual feed type. And then, you may also find it easier to use. This type has an open mouth that you need to turn on or off. The other type is a batch feed disposal but is not common and it is more pricey.

You also need to consider the size of the motor. The rate is usually measured through Horsepower or HP. You can find standard sizes, such as 1/3, ½, ¾ and 1. The higher the horsepower is, the fewer jams experienced and the operation is smoother.

Garbage disposals also have a grinding chamber. If your motor is small, then the grinding chamber is also small. This motor will be in charge of pulverizing the food waste. So its power depends on the size of the motor. This means that if the horsepower is higher, then it can grind more food waste or larger volume. It is very important for this grinding to the chamber to be made from a stainless steel material to prevent rusting and leaks.

It must also include features, such as auto-reverse and noise reduction. The auto-reverse is a feature that avoids waste jams. When waste stuck up, then it will reverse the rotation of the motor automatically. It could have been better if you can get a garbage disposer with higher motors because it creates less noise. Another thing reduces noise is the insulation that you can find in the grinding chamber.

best garbage disposal

Benefits of using garbage disposals

  • When it comes to sanitation, using a garbage disposal is more commendable because of the convenience that it brings to your homes, especially when disposing of your waste.
  • Using garbage bags often spreads bad smell, but using garbage disposers reduce and eliminate odor. Pretty sure that you can tolerate the smell, using a garbage disposer than open garbage bags.
  • You can save a bit when installing a garbage disposer rather buying garbage bags every time.
  • If you are using garbage bags, then you cannot avoid flies and other insects or pests to come because the waste and its bad odor attract them. Since the garbage disposer is a closed container, then say goodbye to those insects and pests.
  • This is a good way to practice waste management, especially with the use of garbage disposers, you can help in reducing the use of plastic materials as well as preventing improper waste disposal. Through this, you are not only being nice to your home, but you are also participating in waste management programs in your community.
  • Another waste disposal problem that is happening in different parts of the world is the huge amount of garbage sent to landfills. When you are using garbage disposers, then you can help in reducing the amount of waste you send to the landfills in your area.

Wastes that are not properly disposed of emits greenhouse. I hope you are aware of the effects of the gases as well as how it affects the climate. With the help of your disposers, then you can help in minimizing the gases that destroy the environment. This only shows that this is a good way to practice waste management.