Maxi dresses are on trend, and this style is a popular choice every summer. Maxi dresses are flattering, easy to wear and always stylish. Whether you go for a sleeveless design or a full-sleeve version, the maxi dress is always an attractive option for any occasion. Read on for some new ideas for styling your maxi dress this year.

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How to Wear Your Maxi Dress

Maxis are low-maintenance and usually very comfortable. They look great with flat shoes, so there is no need to dress up in heels, while wedges are the ideal choice if you do want extra height. To style up a slouch-fit maxi, you can add a belt to give it more structure. You could pick a regular wide-fit belt or opt for a slim leather belt or even a sash or ribbon.

There is no need to wear tights if you wear a maxi, so this is great for summer. In winter and cold weather, you could add long boots. Even a sleeveless maxi can work in all weather if you add a cardigan. This is a truly versatile look. For a more glamorous finish, consider a maxi with a deep split.

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Colour and Fabric

Single-color dresses often look great on a floor-length maxi. All-over black can be a strong and dramatic look that is simple and sophisticated. Black can look great with silver jewelry for any occasion, and a long maxi dress in black can be more formal and stylish than light colors and patterns.

Many people also like dark blue, while a grey maxi dress is another popular choice. If you are looking for a grey maxi dress visit AX Paris; this stockist has a range of options to suit different occasions.


Long necklaces can look great with maxi dresses because the long line reflects the long cut of the dress. If you are wearing a maxi dress with a flat, smooth front, a long necklace can add some texture, while a dress with a shirt front or flouncy collar can look good with a shorter, simpler necklace. You could also leave out the jewelry and let the dress make a statement. In the summer, a wide-brimmed hat can look wonderful, while your bag can also turn a daytime dress into an evening dress.