The article might come as a surprise for you, given that it’s the iPad Air 3 which should be the next focus and not iPad Air 4. But then that is what fun is! Gadgets are always fascinating and so is there news. So here I am with a list of specs and features the iPad Air 4 might have.

However there has been no official news and so here I am roughly approximating how the iPad Air 4 look like, and what would the features be like!

Without much adieu, let us all have a look at the rough specs of the tablet!

A 12X chipset, which means a super fast speed for the phone. This one is a must have for the lovers of high processor devices. Those who seem to get irritated even within seconds are deemed to buy this one. If that is how the iPad Air 4 would come out to be like!

A 4K super amoled screen it might be, or the ultra Hd one. Well, there is nothing to worry about the screen and display of Apple devices; they are almost always more than just amazing!

Flagship Of The Coming Tablet: iPad Air 4

Now comes the Camera of the iPad. Again, there seems to be hardly any element of worry for the Apple devices. A 20 MP rear camera is what the iPad Air 4 is expected to have. Let us all hope that that the front camera is as amazing as well. The iPad Air 4 will also have an LED flash to help click amazing pictures event under lowlight, improving photo quality in turn.

With such features and high end processor, the battery backup ahs to be of the same level as well. We can expect the battery for the iPad Air 4 to be better than the previous ones, since improvement is the very essence of all Apple devices. Also, improvisations are what make the devices by Apple Inc survive at such high rates!

The processor, the camera, the screen size and display; four of the most basic and yet important features seem t speak only good and in favor of the iPad Air 4. However, it is only time that will decide how will the device be accepted by the users.

The price of Apple devices is something which is really hard to infer. so we cannot talk much on the pricing right now and only wait until we hear some official news from the Apple Inc. until then, there is a huge wait and a huge eye on any kind of future rumors and news as well that might seem to be the talk all around! Much like Galaxy Note 6!

Apple has never failed its users, and this time we expect the same as well. Apple has been growing and emerging not because of the classy feature, but because of the sense of trust and commitment is has for the users.

The wait for Apple iPad Air 4 has now begun!