Analyzing past trends and dates, approximating the specs and other features for its successor is what the new trend is. And so, here we are with specifications for the iPad Air 4. As said, all the data are mere assumptions and not final news.

For starters, let’s begin with a little on the iPad series. The Apple iPad is an iOS based series of tablet PCs which have been designed by Apple Inc. the very first iPad was launched on April 3, 2010 which is approximately five years from now. The latest of them are iPad Air 2 and the iPad mini 3 launched on October 22 the last year.

The models are assembled around gadget’s multi touch screen along with an integrated system of Wi-Fi and cell integration on selective ones. Till date, a total of 250 million iPads have already been sold.

The Astonishing Smart-Tablet To Peck Doors: iPad Air 4

An iPad can click pictures, play music and comes along with shoot features. The iPad can as well perform internet functions which include browsing the web and messaging. There are a range of amusements, GPS routes, communications (informal) and many more to it. All of these can be put to use by downloading them and introduction of plans. As of October 2013, Apple store has 475,000 applications of its own and other parties.

There have been six versions of the iPad; with various variations to each of it. Now that we have an overview of the iPad, let us have a look at the specs for iPad Air 4! There are only two in this leading category always ready to make the difference, it will be Galaxy Note 6 and iPad air 4.

The iPad Air 2 came up with an A8X processor which was approximately 12x faster, speedier and way better than the original iPad Air. And so we can expect the iPad Air 4 with an A10X processor which will definitely be as fast as a lightening! The successors often come up with an increased size and so will be the case with iPad Air 4 will be a retina display and a 4K super or Ultra HD display!

Cameras are always going to get on hikes with each model, and so we can expect the same with the successor version too. The iPad Air 4 is all set to have an LED streak for flash vision for a better picture quality.

Now that the iPad has so much new to it, the battery backup also has to be the cherry on the cake! We can expect the iPad Air 4 to be way better than the previous ones!

The iPad Air 4 is expected no time before the next year. However, Apple has come up with surprises for us all the time, so this time may be no better! It is now time to wait up and start counting days! For all the iPad lovers, this is it! The iPad Air 4 is all geared up to come up as one heck of a tablet!

Happy waiting it is until then!

*Mere assumptions these are and not perfect combination of the specs*