You Must Think Quickly When Water Invades Your Home

When your home’s roof leaks after a major rainstorm or if a river overflows, then your home can have water damage. You must think quickly when water is damaging your home, including when a bathtub’s water pipe breaks or a toilet backs up onto the floors. The first thing that you must do is to stop the flow of water immediately. If there is a lot of water in a building, then you should contact the gas and electric company to have the power turned off as fast as possible.

You Can Remove Small Amounts Of Moisture On Your Own

If you believe that a building has structural damage from moisture, then you shouldn’t enter it because you could fall through a floor or slip underneath the water and become trapped. When there is a small amount of moisture damage, you can clean up the problem on your own by using mops, old towels or water-suctioning vacuum devices. After removing all of the visible water from the surfaces, you must keep the air circulating by opening the windows and using fans.

Invading Water Causes Secondary Damage

It can take several days to dry the moisture on floor tiles, carpets or walls, and you may need to remove ugly water stains and mold growth. One of the biggest problems from water damage is secondary problems, and if there is a major water disaster, then you can’t handle the problem on your own. Fortunately, there are professional water cleanup companies available that have the proper equipment and cleansers to remove moisture efficiently.

Call a Professional Water Restoration Cleanup Company

If you have a water disaster, then call a cleanup company right away because the technicians work on a 24-hour basis. Within an hour after your telephone call, the technicians will arrive with water-removal equipment and sanitizers to begin the cleanup process. You shouldn’t enter a building after a flood occurs because the water may contain dangerous pathogens from raw sewage, and it is also possible to have snakes or other wildlife in the water.

The Technicians Can Begin To Remove Moisture Right Away

A restoration company will determine where the water is entering a building to stop the flow of water, and the technicians can cover a building with a tarp along with turning off the water at a main water valve. The technicians will install a pump to remove the invading water from the basement or lower level of a building. The restoration company will have a powerful generator on its truck to operate the generator and additional equipment such as water-suctioning devices or circulating fans.

Have Mold Growth and Mildew Odor Eliminated From Your Home

It can take several days for the technicians to dry a flooded home, and during this process, a homeowner will need to stay somewhere else. After the building is dry, there are still several dangers from problems such as wet electrical wires, decaying floorboards and falling ceilings. In addition, the mold spores in the building will begin to grow immediately, leading to fuzzy or slimy surfaces. In addition to removing mold growth and mildew odor, the remediation technicians must improve the air quality in your home before you move back into it.

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