A modi jacket is a very popular jacket and has spun controversy in India because of its similarity to the Nehru jacket. This jacket unlike a Nehru jacket has darts at the pockets which give the person wearing it a sliming effect. The mostoutstanding feature of this jacket is its dramatic colors which are extremely bright. The increased popularity of modi jackets has led to an increase in demand and many Indians are continuously ordering it. The jacket is very sensitive and thereforethere are some factors that need to be considered by a consumer before making an order or purchase of the jacket.

  • Your budget

Finances are a very important consideration when making a purchase decision for most things and especially pricy items. The modi jacket, modi koti and Nehru jacket are is quite pricy and therefore it is important to consider how much money you have and how much you are willing to spend on the jacket. After making this consideration, you must do your research and determine the modi jacket that fits within your budget and whether the one within your budget range hasthefeatures, color and design that you want.

  • Fabrics or materials used

The modi jacket is made using a variety ofmaterials and fabrics. Some of these fabrics are expensive and exotic while others are affordable. Some fabrics are also best in some weather conditions and not in others. It is thereforeimportant to determine if the modiyou want has been made using quality materialsor fabrics and that the fabric or material is favorable for the region that you are in or the region where you will use the modi. For instance if you are in a cold region, it is important to consider jackets with heavy and warm fabrics or materials.

  • Experience and reputation of the seller or supplier

Notall suppliers or sellers care about consumers and therefore some suppliers may stock a fake modi jacket, modi kuti and other Indian garments and sell them cheaply just to attract consumers. A modi jacket is very sensitive and expensive and therefore it is important to taketime to determine a supplier with experience in modi jackets and has a good reputation before making a purchase. If this consideration is not made then you may end up buying fake jackets that are not made well and end up regretting why you bought the jacket in the first place.

  • Customer care

This factor may seem obvious or unrealistic but it is important to consider whether the supplier has good customer care. Customer care is very importantbecause it will determine whether a consumer will come back t make a purchase or not. You must consider a supplier or seller who has excellent customer acre because a modi jacket needs attention and you may need to make adjustments on the modi jacket and only suppliers with good customer care can help in such situations or even with after sale services such as transportation services.