It’s easy to grow a beard; simply stop shaving. However, it’s harder to do it without looking like you’ve just grown a shapeless bush on the bottom half of your face. Choosing the best style of beard for you has a lot to do with the shape of your face. Here are a few ideas that might help you look like a well-groomed king of the stubble.

Face Shape and Beard Style: Finding The Perfect Combo

Oval Face

Rounded at the top and bottom but longer than they are wide, the cheeks on oval faces are not that long and the jaw is not overly defined. This just happens to be the most common of all of the face shapes out there, and it can handle almost all styles of beard as long as you keep it well-trimmed.

Square Face

A square face might not be slim, but the points of the jaw and the hairline form hard angles to form a naturally squarer shape. People with square faces have very defined jaw lines, and if they slick their hair back- it seems to form squared off corners. The trick with this face shape is to keep your beard off your cheeks as much as possible to avoid adding width. Styles such as the Anchor or Balbo or even a full goatee that keep the hair on the chin and neck work well. Keep it well trimmed or it will begin to look straggly quickly.

Round Face

The main features of a round face are a rounded hairline and a softer jawline that is not pointed. If you have a round face, you will want your beard to stay short at the sides and go longer on the bottom. Similar to a square face, you want to keep your sideburns and cheeks as clear as possible and go for the chin and neck. The difference is that you can get away with going a little longer – but not the full Dumbledore – as long as it’s well-maintained. Keep it trimmed and go for quality beard oils like those available from

Long Face

Thin cheeks? Pointy Chin? More than a passing resemblance to Elvis? If so, keep your chin free of fuzz and go long at the sides. Anything from Mutton Chops to a full beard will work fine as long as you keep it tidy and trimmed.