One of the essential things about having a wardrobe is taking care of all the different fabrics. Each fabric has its own properties and needs to be taken care of in its own way. All in all, the fabrics can be divided into two parts: the natural fabrics like cotton and wool, and the synthetic fabrics like Acrylic and Spandex. If you are unsure about the fabric, then it always helps to read the care tag attached to every piece of apparel.

Fabric Care Sheet

Let us start with Cotton, which is one of the most common fabrics. It is widely used due to its comfortability, breathability, and soft nature. The washing instructions usually include washing in separate colors and it can tolerate all temperatures. It can be dried and ironed on the high settings. Bleach should usually be avoided, unless the garment is white. You can usually find competitive prices for it on retailers like End Clothing.

Another popular material, especially with the ladies, is silk. Being a natural protein fiber, it needs special care when used. It has to be washed in cold water and it is best to hand wash it. Never use a dryer and twisting and wringing is off the table as well. Just hang dry. It can be ironed using low setting, while the garment is inside out. Bleach is an absolute no along with any prolonged exposure to the sun. You will find some really cool silk designs at Yumi Kim.

There are many other fabrics out there with their own specific care instructions. It is difficult to generalize them. And this is probably not the best method to learn them. So we have arranged them in a beautifully designed infographic just for you. Now, whenever you are confused just come back and have a look.