The life of a freelance writer is tough. No matter how experienced he is, each day, he has to scout the numerous websites for work. The few writers who enjoy a steady workflow from a particular client could also find themselves at sea when the client decides to go for another writer. Then, they have to go back to the freelance portals and start over again. A seemingly endless cycle of bidding and waiting begins. If at all one is lucky to get an offer, there is no guarantee that he would be paid for his work. This happens despite his putting all efforts into the job.

Contentmart – Why It Is The Best Thing For Me As A Writer

When I came across Contentmart, the first thing I noticed was the simplicity of schemes. The site looked inviting and not intimidating like some other sites. I found that registering was a simple task too – I could register using my Facebook id as well. Once registered and logged in, it offers a plethora of opportunities.

Go to the order page, and lo – there are hundreds of offers from various clients. I could choose one that suited my expertise and experience. Furthermore, I could even suggest my own price and deadlines. As writing is a creative exercise, it is important that the writer get a say in this. I was glad to see that Contentmart provided the Freelance content writers with an opportunity to represent their side while deciding remuneration and project timelines.

Once an order is bid upon and accepted, it has to be delivered within the agreed timelines. Otherwise, the order will expire and the client would be free to award the project to another copywriter of his choice. The result should be pasted in the relevant result box so that it can undergo plagiarism test. This is an important feature from Contentmart, which is highly beneficial to the writer. As every result is scanned for plagiarism, no one writer would be accused of submitting plagiarized content.

However, as far as the writers are concerned, the most attractive feature of Contentmart is the receipt of payment. If the content is submitted successfully, the writer is guaranteed a payment – unless he has delivered an unsatisfactory content to the client. In such cases, the client can ask for a revision and the writer can give a revised content. If the content is accepted, the client cannot refrain from making payment because as soon as the content is accepted, the payment is transferred to the writer’s wallet. If the client does not accept the content within a specified time, then the payment will be automatically transferred to the writer.

In short, Contentmart has created a win-win situation for the client and writer. It is not surprising to see that more and more people prefer to transact through Contentmart.