You must have heard many of your friends going on a Musandam tour, and returning completely rejuvenated. Have you wondered why? Here, in this article, we’ve discussed about what makes Musandam the most preferred place in the UAE, after Dubai and Abu Dhabi. With more and more people visiting this place, the tourism industry has started coming up with a lot of facility for tourists to enjoy exciting water games, sea adventures, etc.

Sea Adventure Tourism department in Musandam handles the entertainment part in here. The locals working in this industry are multi-linguist, and make it easier for you to know about the available packages and the benefits of each option. If you prefer camping and enjoying bird watching, then they will help you with the right package as per your requirement.

Everything You Need To Know About The Sea Adventures In Musandam

Diving Points for Water Sport Lovers

When you look for the diving sites, you will first prefer the clear sky. Well, it is not possible for all tourist destinations to offer clear sky and sub-tropical climate for its visitors, throughout the year. This is not the case in the UAE. Musandam is considered as one of the best diving destinations in the whole world, and all thanks to its climatic conditions.

Some of the Diving Coasts that Have Made Musandam Famous

There are many diving spots that make the day of water sports lovers, especially divers, a beautiful one. Some include, Ras Marovi, The Caves, Ras Lima, Landing Craft, Ras Dillah Ghubbat, Bu Rashid, Lima Rock, Kachalu Island, Ras Qabr Al Hindi, Jazirat Sawda, Jazirat Al Khayl, Fanaku Island, Pearl Island, Octopus Rock, Jazirat Umm Al Fayyarin, and so on.

There are some tourists who enjoy water sports, but do not know how to swim or are afraid of water bodies. If you are also one of them, then you need not worry. The experts here who help you hire the required equipment for diving and snorkelling, etc, will also help you learn the skills to enjoy the water games to the fullest. Take classes and make your dreams come true.

Other Amusements

The water games will not end with diving or snorkelling. There are many water activities that you get to enjoy in Musandam. Some are listed below.

Kayak Kalba

Known as one of the oldest forests in Arabia, Kalba mangrove is best known as the breeding ground of one of the endangered species White Collared Kingfisher. While in seawater, you can enjoy spotting crabs, turtles, and also watching the colourful birds here.

Kayaking around Musandam

If you have enough time to spend in Musandam, then book a paddle trip to dhow of about 8 days. The traditional trip to dhow starts from Dibba and then continues for 8 days to Khasab. The paddling trip will surely help you enjoy adventurous trip along one of the beautiful coastlines in the whole world.

A Full Day Kayaking

Sea kayaking has always been one of the most preferred water sports from every visitor to Musandam. Paddling the kayaking equipment from Dibba and continuing the path to Zighy Bay, along with making a visit to Myam Beach will be the best ever water adventure in Musandam. It takes around 7 hours to complete the whole trip.