If you are looking for a flooring solution which has acoustic absorbency as well as underfoot comfort then rubber might be the material you need. This is deal for everything from kitchens to high traffic walkways like school corridors, and can be bought to fit the space to your specifications.

If you are looking for a durable, long lasting flooring solution then it is worth thinking about rubber matting. This is strong, resilient, and tough and can be bought in different types of tile shapes and sizes. This kind of flooring, if installed properly and depending on how much it is used, can last up to twenty years, so it is a very economic solution.

Rubber flooring is low maintenance, such as being stain resistant and easy to clean, only needing a mop and warm water. It is water resistant thanks to being nonporous so you don’t have to worry about any liquid spills. This means it is ideal for wet environment such as laundry rooms, bathrooms, or in a more commercial environment, car washes and such like.

This flooring is also soft and can be a good solution for preventing injury at work, as well as for children’s play areas. This softness is also ideal for helping to relieve stress fatigue which can come about from standing or walking for prolonged periods, which is why many retail locations choose to use it.

Ensure Safety With The Right Rubber Flooring For Your Building

This flooring is also ideal for minimising risk because it is fire and burn resistant so that anything from cigarette butts to larger heat sources cannot affect it. It is also non toxic, so will not release dangerous fumes if there is a fire.

It is often used in recording studios or areas where sound is a sensitive issue as it can act as a powerful sound barrier, such as between the floors of a building. The thicker it is, the better the sound proofing it provides. As rubber is naturally quite elastic it can also reduce noise from rolling carts which is ideal in busy areas.

You can also get different colours and textures for this flooring so you can go with subtle designs as well as more colourful in the instance of children’s play areas. The patterns can help increase grip, as you can get options such as raised nodules. Having this extra traction is ideal especially where this matting is used in wet environments, as it prevents slipping.

Having these benefits, such as the matting absorbing shock and sound, being non slip and non toxic, make rubber flooring ideal. It can also be bought recycled and it is an environmentally friendly material to use. Installation is very simple and it saves cost in the long term since it is so durable, so worth the investment. Ideal uses for it include areas such as school corridors, recreation grounds, workshops and garages, gymnasiums and sports centres, and retirement homes. It can be ordered online or through a company who will also fit it, and can be bought in tiles or rolls by the square meter so you can get exactly how much you need.