d-1Adrafinil is a prodrug to modafinil. Doctors suggest people to use this drug for promoting the state of wakefulness, alertness and increase their mental energy. This medication was originally developed for treating the patients suffering from the sleeping disorder called narcolepsy. This eventually led to many people using this medication to stay alert from their excessive daytime tiredness. People who worked at abnormal hours or night shifts can take this medication. This can offer a particular kind of medical stimulation to the users that differ from other stimulants such as caffeine and amphetamines. If you are living in United Kingdom and searching for a relief for your excessive sleeping problem, you can check whether UK laws licensed the adrafinil medication to get used by people. By checking the UK laws on drugs people can come to know the medications they can use without a prescription from the doctors.

UK Legal Status of Adrafinil

For people who are not familiar with the process of drug laws in UK, it can feel like confusion when they try to identify what are the medications allowed and not allowed as per the law regarding nootropic drugs. In UK, the National Health Service and the department of health work with many number of agencies sharing the responsibility to regulate the laws on drugs. Adrafinil in United Kingdom is not the controlled drug and this does not need any prescription from a doctor. But this is not regulated and approved by equivalent department called administration of food and drug or FDA. This place the legal status of this medication in the grey area that means it is legal for people of UK to buy this drug for own personal use with no prescription.

The personal use of adrafinil is considered as an amount that is equal to supply for about one to three month. As per UK laws it is permitted that people can import this medication from outside vendors for their personal use. This is not allowed to import adrafinil for the purposes of sale or commercialization. Most of the people in United Kingdom do not have issues to order this medication from any international and outside vendors.

How does Adrafinil Work?

Adrafinil works by stimulating the central nervous system with no common stimulant negative effects such as nervousness, irritability and anxiousness. This also has some positive effects on mood, motivation, energy and reaction time. But this drug has some side effects ranging from mild to severe. The most severe side effect is increase in the liver enzyme that can occur with the use of Tylenol or aspirin. People who have plans to make use of this drug for some extended period should talk with their doctor and work together to keeping an eye on the level of liver enzymes. If the doctor finds noticeable increase in the level of enzyme, it is best for the users to discontinue using adrafinil as suggested by their doctor. Before buying any nootropic drug from any of the online pharmacies people need to check whether their country law permits the use of certain drugs they like to buy.